TCF 423: Contractor Q&A: Killer Marketing Strategy

Listen up for a discussion on two great contracting questions the guys got asked recently.

In this episode, we talk about…

  • A question seeking advice about starting a painting company in the middle of a paint/labor shortage.
    • The value of hiring in an existing subcontracting business before starting a new business.
    • How painting’s labor and materials costs differ from other trades.
    • Why starting a company just to fulfill your own needs is likely going to create more problems than it solves. 
  • A question about marketing strategy when you’re starting out and building your brand.
    • How to connect with local influencers.
    • Why you need to attack social media and carve out a presence for yourself there.
    • The importance of email campaigns, calling previous customers to let them know about your new business, and aggressive lead generation.
    • Subbing in for other general contractors to put your face and name out there.


Feel free to submit your questions to with the subject line “Podcast”

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