TCF 202: Taking Control of the Negativity with Scott Vail

Scott Vail is a painting contractor and motivational speaker from Florida who speaks about his non-traditional route to achieving his success and his degrees. Throughout his career, Scott has juggled many different aspects of his life to get to where he is today and in this episode, he shares his best advice on how to pursue other goals and interests while also growing your business. As Tom will tell you, Scott is also one of the most positive people he has ever met and that’s no coincidence to why he is successful. There are many things you can be doing right now to cut through the negativity and help your business grow while keeping yourself (and the people around you) happy.
In this episode, we talk about…
– Learning how to say no
– Planning for the unexpected
– Letting go of control and trusting your team
– Balancing your life and career
– Taking control of your actions