TCF 164: Marketing Isn’t an Expense, It’s an Investment with Mark Levesque


Marketing isn’t an expense. It’s an investment. Marketing through paid advertising on platforms like Google AdWords and Facebook is a great way to bring in leads but if you don’t know where to start that’s where Mark Levesque comes in. Mark is a founder at Webrunner Media, a company dedicated to helping home improvement companies generate leads through paid advertising online.

Mark is also hosting the upcoming Contractor Success Summit which Tom is a part of. This summit is full of great topics such as implementing processes, growing your business on social media, how to 10x your revenue per job, growing your 6-figure business into a 7-figure business and much, much more. Text the word SUMMIT to 7192993852 and claim your free pass now!

In this episode we discuss…

  • The most common mistakes contractors make when it comes to paid ads

  • What steps to take in order to get started with paid ads.

  • How to handle leads that are come from your ads

  • The upcoming Contractor Success Summit and how it can benefit you and your business.


Contractor Success Summit

Webrunner Media

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