TCF 123: Retaining Clients with Power Marketing with Mark Buckshon

On this episode, Tom welcomes Mark Buckshon of Construction Marketing Ideas to discuss powerful marketing strategies for all contracting business. Learn the ins and outs of contracting marketing, find better ways to share your stories, and understand the data you need to keep growing your business.

Mark’s Top Three Discussion Points for Marketing

  1. Look at the way you are treating clients personally and throughout their experience. Make sure that you are delivering value to each one of them.
  2. Understand how you can get your clients excited. Work on getting these enthusiastic clients to buy more and offer referrals for you in the future. Happy clients will also typically agree to giving you glowing reviews and testimonials that you can implement into your marketing strategy.
  3. Really look at you web marketing and social media.

Retaining clients is one of the easiest and fastest ways to boost your overall revenue. Retaining clients is about keeping the connection with them, during and after a job and building a positive relationship with them through their customer experience with your company.

Even as brand new contracting company, you still have friends, family and have contacts that you can use to build your business. Find where you can contribute value to your community and get your name/face out there.

When you do spend money on external advertising, social media or print media, you need to look back at it afterwards and figure out how much business did you gain from it. Of the business you did get, how many of those customers are going to turn into repeat clients? Bringing you lifetime value from the ad.

For social media, you should focus on strategies that build direct relationships with people.  Watch your social media carefully so you can respond quickly to any type of situation, positive or negative. Induce as much positive interaction or responses for your business as you can by providing an excellent customer journey. 

Make sure that your website and social media pages are relevant and maintained. You want them to be a lively place for discussion and content driven. This is your place to encourage communication with current and former clients. You can also show off your skills by highlighting cool new jobs or fantastic past projects. Social media is building client relationships and referrals but on hyper drive. It will be one of your most powerful and inexpensive ways to build your reputation. Consistency is key, you have to reasonably reliable with it.

Make sure your website is responsive and has great mobile accessibility to it. More and more people will be using their phones to look at your website or social media pages and you want to be able to accommodate that. If you don’t look professional on your website and social media then you’ll be missing out on phone calls of potential clients right from the start. It’s so important to have a professional feel to your website and make sure it’s responsive.

Your main focus should be on making your customers experience top notch. They’ll remember the experience and it’s your greatest investment to your business. If you provide positive and outstanding experiences, then you’ll not only have repeat clients but those clients will happily share about their positive experience with others and you can use that to help market and build your brand to others.

Be sure to visit Construction Marketing Ideas for a more in-depth look at marketing for your contracting business. You’ll find relevant tips and valuable strategies that you can start applying today to boost your marketing plan and seeing tangible results. Mark has also written a book Construction Marketing Ideas that Tom highly recommends.


The leveraging power of past customers and referrals is so much higher than any of the external marketing tools. – Mark

There’s an element of individuality that’s important. – Mark

Social media is client relationships and referrals but on hyper drive. – Mark

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