How Do I Fix My Contracting Business?

People often ask “How do I un-f#ck my contracting business?” This is how. The step by step process is outlined below. This is stuff you will learn here. A lot of it will be free. Some is available through some of our programs like Accelerate, The Contractor Sales Academy or The Crucible. You will get […]

Acknowledgement vs. Ownership

I’ve asked you to own your shit over on our Contractor Fight Facebook group. I’m liking what I am seeing and hearing from you. I feel the truth coming out. ***Here’s the deal, though.*** Are you just admitting stuff you’ve been acknowledging for many months and years? Is this just one more time that you’re […]

Fighting The Contractor Fight Doesn’t Mean You Get to be a Dick

The Contractor Fight was born out of frustration as most movements are. For too long contractors have allowed themselves to be disrespected, taken advantage of and bullied by clients and employees. For too long they’ve let other people call the shots in their company. They’re not making the money they should be making, despite what […]

TCF111: The Only Sales Podcast You’ll Ever Need with Anthony Iannarino

In this episode, Tom sits down with contractor, author, speaker and sales leader Anthony Iannarino. This multi-faceted entrepreneur discusses the keys any contractor must keep in mind to be successful, from choosing a positive, confident mindset and determining what you want from your business, to developing the discipline to grow your business. Iannarino also offers […]

2 Ways to Build a Successful Contracting Business

You love to build things. You love to fix things. You love to stand back with pride and look at what you’ve accomplished each day, right? It should be no different when you look at your business. What contractor doesn’t want to build a successful contracting business? Here are 2 ways to ensure that what you […]

How Do I Grow My Construction Business?

Every day thousands of contractors are asking “How Do I Grow My Construction Business?” Before you jump to conclusions and think that growth only means ‘top-line revenue,’ I want to make sure you understand growing your business can mean a few different things based on your goals. Things like: growing revenue growing profit growing happiness […]

TCF104: The Fight Is On (Solocast)

  I’m owning my sh*t!     The Motor brand is gone. The Strongpreneur brand is gone. We are now, “The Contractor Fight”!   Instead of being mediocre in many things,  I’m going to be kick ass in ONE! Own your crap. Live unafraid.  Build the life you want! Today we declare war on the “less […]