TCF128: 2017 Lessons to Take into the New Year (Solocast)

In this podcast Tom talks about the things he learned in 2017, some exciting news about the podcast, and much more. Let the truth set you free! In this episode Tom talks about… How truth produces better days in your life Areas in his life he got more honest with TCF104 – The Fight is […]

TCF 123: Retaining Clients with Power Marketing with Mark Buckshon

On this episode, Tom welcomes Mark Buckshon of Construction Marketing Ideas to discuss powerful marketing strategies for all contracting business. Learn the ins and outs of contracting marketing, find better ways to share your stories, and understand the data you need to keep growing your business. Mark’s Top Three Discussion Points for Marketing Look at […]

The Revenue Myth

Chasing the top line dollars is sexy. Being able to say you have a company that does $1 million dollars in sales…$7 million dollars in sales or some other number makes us feel good. We feel important. We feel like we’ve arrived. We get invited to speak at events. People treat us like we’re awesome. […]

Hiring Sucks!

I’ve screwed up big time! A huge topic among the pond world and the trades in general is having a team of A-players in place to take our companies to its intended level. Here’s where I’ve screwed up big time. I had approximately 50 applicants apply to work with our construction team back in the […]

TCF118: 21 Ideas to Instantly Grow Your Contracting Business (Solocast)

In this episode Tom shares 21 Ideas to Instantly Grow Your Contracting Business! Members of The Contractor Fight Facebook Group share how they grow their contracting business. You wont want to miss these 21 ideas that might spark the fire under your business! Are you ready to KICK YOUR CONTRACTING BUSINESS IN THE ASS?

Stop Helping People

Stop helping people. Stop being a nice guy. If you’re a contractor, you have probably tried to help someone at one time or another in your career and it ended up biting you in the tail. “I hired him because he’s had some tough times lately.” “I discounted the job $500 because I wanted to help […]

Focus on The Experience

Dear Contractor- You work long hours. You drive all over town hustling for work. You’re a good dude. You’re honorable. But, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. You are missing out of hundreds of thousands of dollars ? each year because you don’t focus on THE EXPERIENCE. **You think it’s your price.** **You think it’s the fancy […]


Clarity. Do you really have it? I thought I did for years until I was challenged to get more and more specific. I was challenged to dig down further into my mind and heart about who I am and ultimately who I want to be. And, I’m still digging. CLARITY. Our calendar will reveal whether […]

All Progress Starts with Truth

All progress starts with truth. About your sales. About your marketing. About your profit. About your leadership. About your effort. Most importantly, about YOU. Your bull shit lies. Your fears. Your procrastination. Your health. Your mindset. Expose yourself. When you expose your crap you find freedom. No more hiding. When you expose your crap you […]