Sunny Pinhero


Sales, Commercial GC, Numbers, Systems, Leadership, Communication

Career Experience – From a young age, Sunny helped his dad on job sites, but he officially started in the family business full-time in 2001.

In 2005, when Sunny was 26 years old, he started his first company. Unfortunately, by the time he was 30, he lost it all when a client bilked them out of half a million dollars.

From 2010 to 2015, he consulted and helped to scale two subcontracting companies. One of those relationships spawned his current company that he started with a partner. In 2017, he bought out his partner and took full control to implement their growth plan.

Since then, he’s built Pinhero Construction with an amazing team and has grown to over eight figures in six years.

“Have a vision so big that everyone else’s dreams can fit inside.”

His Struggles – For Sunny, leadership has always been a struggle. He’s always counted on his own capabilities to help him succeed instead of delegating tasks. It has taken years to learn how to influence and lead others, and rely less on himself alone.

What Qualifies Sunny to be a Coach? – Sunny loves business and loves helping people. He has experience and knowledge surrounding growing and failing, around knowing what works and what doesn’t.

He thrives on planning, strategy, and overall business development, and is able to help other people thrive as well.

Personal Life – Sunny lives with his wife Jodi and their two daughters in Southern California. He and his family find as much time as they can to go off-roading in the desert, skiing, and hiking in the mountains.