Suhaiba Neill


Sales, Systems, Numbers, Marketing

Career Experience –Suhaiba joined the ‘family business’ in 2005, and ever since then she has been managing it. The family business is a residential painting company in the suburbs of Philadelphia, with an average of 35 men in the field, and $5 million in revenue per year.

She spent 12 years on the board of the PCA Residential Forum and the AST conference planning committee. She served as president and was a presenter in some capacity at AST for all the years she was involved.

“The fastest way to get something done is to slow down.

Her Struggles – Suhaiba struggles to overcome self-doubt. She had to learn that what she has to offer holds value to those who she aims to help. As a lifelong student herself, she knows that there is always more to learn, but she has finally come to realize that what she already knows is enough to be helpful to her peers.

What Qualifies Suhaiba to be a Coach? – Suhaiba has years and years of experience in managing growth and “step changes.” She and the family business have had their ups and downs, but once she discovered that systems and processes were her sweet spot, she was able to create and implement them to promote consistency within the business. She’s confident she can do the same for those she coaches.

Personal Life – Suhaiba was born, raised, and still resides to this day in the suburbs of Philadelphia. She is the lucky mother of one amazing daughter who is headed off to college soon – a very bittersweet feeling!

Suhaiba’s first career choice was to be a veterinarian – she is a big dog lover, and at the moment she has three of them at home.
She loves to read, and she’s a writer as well. She and her daughter are on a mission to visit all 50 states. Her daughter has 20 left to go, and Suhaiba only has ten!