What Does a Successful Coaching Client Look Like?

My mission here is to help people to build stronger lives and businesses. The methods I use to accomplish this are writing, speaking, selling apparel to inspire the mindset and taking on a number of coaching clients.

When I look at the coaching clients that have the best results it always comes down to one thing: They Work Their Asses Off

A Tale of Two Clients

Last fall I was hired by a guy with a struggling 20 year old business. He had an existing client base, some money in the bank, a decent staff and a wanted to ‘get to the next level’ in his company. He felt he had gotten stuck for a few years.

We met several times and nothing changed. His business is still stuck and I no longer work with him. We created a solid plan and I assigned homework…yes, I assign homework.

He chose not to implement. He stayed in his office instead of meeting new people. He made excuses for why he couldn’t do the work and now is reaping the harvest or lack of.

About the same time last fall a young dude opened up a business and called me for coaching. He said he wanted to start right because he’d seen many people fail through the years.

We meet regularly and fine tune his plan. I assign homework and…

He does it. In fact, one hour after our last meeting he texted me with a success story of how he implemented something we talked about and booked over $5k in work with one phone call.

This is the common trait of all of my successful clients. They take action. Implementation is a habit of theirs. They make no excuses and understand that in order to get where they want to go it will take stepping outside of their comfort zones.

successful coachingIt’s All On You

Hiring a coach is a great move if you understand what your role is in the relationship. As a client of a coach your job is to be honest, be a sponge, process what you’re hearing and then make a choice to implement or not implement what needs to be done. Your coach cannot grow your business.

I believe focused action is rewarded. Make a decision today, with or without a coach, that you will be someone who does what needs to be done. No more excuses.