SPP 01: Strength is an Attitude – with Mark Reifkind

The Strongpreneur Podcast 01


Mark Reifkind couldn’t be more of a Strongpreneur, which is why I asked him to join me.

As a competitive powerlifter, bodybuilder, ultra-marathoner and long time personal trainer, Mark knows strength.

He currently runs a successful training business & teaches other instructors all over the world in the skill of strength.

In this Episode…

  • How Mark defines a strong business
  • How he gets stuff done by not multi-tasking
  • Why ‘no pain, no gain’ isn’t always a good approach to reaching your goals
  • How his training routine has helped him create strong habits that grow his business
  • Learning to find your best energy each day

Thank you to Mark for sharing a little of his mindset with us. You can learn more about Mark or connect with him here: