Stop Helping People

Stop helping people.

Stop being a nice guy.

If you’re a contractor, you have probably tried to help someone at one time or another in your career and it ended up biting you in the tail.

“I hired him because he’s had some tough times lately.”
“I discounted the job $500 because I wanted to help them out.”

The 2nd step in building a great contracting business is making sure YOU GET OXYGEN FIRST.

Help yourself first.

Do what is right for your company and culture instead of adding the wrong people to the team just because you want to ‘help them out.’

Do what is right for you first by charging what you need to charge to deliver a great service and experience. It’s not your job to find their money for them. It’s not your job to ‘help them out’ like that.

Get oxygen. Get strong. If you want to ‘help’ people out donate to them or a charity.