Still Struggling to Hit that 50% GP?

Having a hard time selling your work at a 50% gross profit?

Wondering how in the world you can creep your prices up?

Scared because your competitors are so cheap?

Freaking out because you believe NOBODY will pay your prices if you bump them up that much?

Here’s the dealio…

? The Right People will pay what you’re strong enough to charge.

? The Right People will pay your prices when they feel heard and understood.

? The Right People will gladly pay more than the ‘going rate’ that is keeping contractors broke when you connect to their Motive.

If you’re struggling, then there are two things you need to work on:

1. Your mindset about value and sales.

2. Your skill level as a salesperson.

I promise you will sell at the right numbers when you iron these two things out. (And as always if you need help, reach out to us at and ask about sales training).

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