Steve Shinholser

Fight Coach

Mindset, Leadership, Sales

Career Experience – Steve Shinholser started working in construction in 1980 after he graduated from the University of Maryland. He’s the first to admit that money motivated him to start his pool business, which he ran from 1980-1995 and grew to $12 million in sales. From 2000-2020, he owned a $1.6 million pond company, and he sold both of those companies for millions. Steve was a millionaire by age 30.

“Everyone is always too busy to become a millionaire!”

His Struggles – Steve came from a family with a very poor scarcity mindset, causing him to suffer from imposter syndrome. To this day, no matter how successful Steve is, he never quite feels like he measures up. But you’d never know it by meeting him, because he continues to work on his mindset and growth daily.

What Qualifies Steve to be a Coach? – Steve knows his numbers, understands people and how to treat them, and he’s a rock star at building a team. 

Steve believes that if he can make it, so can you. He wants to help you get your head out of the sand and start winning.

Personal Life – Steve lives in Maryland, where he loves to hike, dance, bike, and coach. He has four grown children, but he treats his two beautiful dogs better than he ever treated his kids.