If I Had to Start My Business Over Again

If I were able to go back in time and start my business over again I would do a few things differently for sure. Now, I know that part of the success I have now is due to the journey I started more than a decade ago, but just for fun…here are some things I would do to change things up.

  1. Hire a coach. Of course I’d say that because I coach businesses! But, the numbers don’t lie. I’ve done the math based upon improvements made from when I hired a coach vs when I had no coach. I easily lost out on $5,000-$8,000 per month in profit the first 4 years I was in business.
  2. Start a database. Another place I left money on the table in my home improvement business. It was a few years of growing the business without much effort put into cultivating a client database.
  3. Create a list of local influencers. Who stands in front of your clients each day? Get to know them. Help them. Add value to their businesses and you will see your leads increase.
  4. Find my right hand man. I’d find him and pay him more so I could work on my business instead of spending too much time in the business.
  5. Invest in a great website. I went 3 years with a lame site because I was stupid. Then, I saw the light and things changed!
  6. Write at least one blog post each week. Be the best educator in your industry. It will build trust and set you up as the expert. Experts rarely are hurting for work.
  7. Outsource my bookkeeping and my admin work. Way too many hours on this stuff. Important? Yes. My job? No…see #8
  8. Remember that my number one job is to market and sell my services every day. As the owner this is my #1 responsibility. Whatever takes me away from this must be delegated or dumped.
  9. I’d focus more on seeing that the client experience was better from start to finish. Love the one you’re with instead of looking ahead to the next project. Just a little more focus on each client and such a difference can be made for them. Tired of being a commodity? Make the experience massively awesome every time.
  10. I would fire the wrong people quicker. You know the first time you think you should let someone go? You should.
  11. I’d work less. I would turn off more often. Recharge. Time away with the family. 

It’s easy to look back and say we’d change things. How about you? What would you do differently if you could start over?

PS- It’s not too late to reboot your business…