Why You Should Start Email Marketing Now

2 Reasons to Start Email Marketing Now!

Being invited into someone’s email inbox is not only an honor, but also a great opportunity to connect with your clients at a deeper level. Here are a couple reasons I firmly believe you should start an email marketing program now if you haven’t already. 

Reason #1

It’s relatively cheap to set up and implement. A few bucks per month and a little bit of your time and you’re done! 

Reason #2

You’re able to keep the relationship warm. This keeps you top of mind. You can offer great value to them and I promise this will also lead to more referrals…and repeat business.

I shouldn’t need any more reasons than the two above to convince you to start an email marketing program. Now, let’s make sure you’re doing it right!  Here are a few key things to know:

1.  Find your own people.

Create great content through your blog or Social Media outlets. The more helpful you are, the more they will want to connect with you. This will create a stronger list of people who want to be there instead of the people you have on a list you purchased.

2.  Get permission to email them.

Have a sign up form on your website so they can invite you into their life or business. Don’t email people without permission. None of us like getting spam.

3.  Add a butt-load of value instead of always trying to sell something.

Give. Give. Give. Give. Give. Give. Give. Give. Give. Give. Then, ask. I know some businesses that give tips, free stuff, etc…they give 15-20 times before they ask for a thing. When you give, they will in turn get to know, like and trust you. This creates a loyal client…and if not, you still get to help a bunch of people.

4.  Don’t send too many.

In my old business I sent one email per month to our database. I added value and rarely asked for anything. The result? 10-15% of our revenue was from email marketing. When you show up in their inbox remember, less is more in most cases.

5.  Ask them to share.

You never know if you don’t ask. Something simple like “If you know someone who could use this information please forward it them.” Nothing fancy. Just ask.

There are a ton of resources online for you to get your own email marketing thing going. There’s Mail Chimp, Constant Contact and many others. I personally use A Weber. I like the analytics and the ease of use. *Disclaimer…if you click the A Weber link and sign up I will make a few bucks each month. If you go this route, thank you. If not, the other providers are pretty nice too. I used Mail Chimp for a few years and can answer a question or two if you have one.

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Feel free to pass this along to someone you know who may need help in their marketing!