SPP 04: It’s Never Too Late to Go Toe to Toe with Fear: Craig McBreen

CraigMcBreenCraig McBreen is a self-described 40 something late-bloomer. This Strongpreneur has described himself as a misfit, introvert and dude who was sidelined by fear until he chose to step up and be strong. Craig helps individuals, companies, and organizations reinvent themselves and spark change by leveraging the amazing power of the online space. His goal is to teach others how to embrace change, find their core, and tell their story.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Taking a shot later in life when it makes no sense
  • Defining your own success
  • When you really want to make a change you’ll find a way
  • Building a strong brand by blowing through fear
  • Reducing the size of your ‘would’ve, should’ve, could’ve pile’

Thank you to Craig for sharing his story with us. You can learn more about Craig or connect with him here: