SPN96: Go For No! Overcome Fear of Rejection – Andrea Waltz

Show Highlights:

  • After reading “The Aladdin Factor” Andrea realized you need to ask to get what you want.
  • Go For No: Intentionally Increase Your Failure Rate, And explode the “Yeses” you are missing
  • We don’t like to hear “no” since we perceive it as a failure.  
  • Tell your story to as many times as you can, to as many people as  you can.
  • What do you do when you get the “no”? Stay positive!  Try to manage the no, why?  Or ask to circle back around in after a time frame.
  • What happens when things don’t turn around quickly? Embrace the No.  Reframe and Reprogram how you hear No.   Surround yourself with positive people and information.    Set a no goal, and celebrate your progress.
  • Identify your targets and be persistent.
  • Don’t make assumptions and pre judge people.
  • Practice this in all areas of your life.  Learn to ASK for what you want.

    Challenge:  Go for 10 Nos in the next 7 days



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