SPN83: Raising Up the Next Generation of Your Workforce: Scott Burt & Todd Pudvar

Scott Burt & Todd Pudvar are scratching a huge itch in the painting industry: raising up more qualified workers.

Their programs are helping contractors all over the country do better work and make higher profits.

Show Highlights

  • Background:
    • Both Scott & Todd  were teachers at local schools
    • Both started painting full-time while teaching and then they both came back full-time to painting only
    • Couldn’t find good painters in the area which inspired them to start “Prep to Finish” as a vocational class for local high school students 0 now offered to contractors.

  • Future Vision: Changing the vision of “Trades” as positive career.
  • We need to meet Millennials where they are at.  Teach the “why” and give them tools to make smart choices
  • Top Tips:  Put your energy where your passion is. Be the best decision maker, not a best friend.  Instead of focusing just on the quality of job done, focus on the results of those trained and are honing their craft.

  • Sometimes what gets in the way of getting people to improve is themselves and their ego.  Realize that when you become complacent you are stagnant. Be open minded to change.

Program Overview
    • Technical Students/ High School  – Teaching students and giving them a skill
    • Contractors – helping existing contractors continue
    • Online training program for Contractors & Crews www.PainterTrainer.com

  • Top Traits of a Great Foreman
    • Patience & Understanding
    • Knowledge & Skills
    • Leadership Training
    • Not afraid to enforce the company standards
    • “Give a shit” factor
    • Takes safety seriously

Owners/Sales unintentionally hurt their Workforce when estimates are sold with a specific scope of work and unknown factors uncovered/realized when the workers start.  Don’t estimate really low to get a job.
  • Re-name “Manual Labor” to “Craftsmanship” and remind people it’s a skill, a trade and a craft you hone. Take pride in what you do.

Check Them Out Here:

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