SPN62 Part 2: Superhuman You with Iron Tamer: David Whitley

irontamerHere’s part 2 of my interview with the Iron Tamer!

Join me as I talk goals, mindset and a bunch of other stuff to help you be Superhuman with the Iron Tamer, David Whitley!

Show Notes

  • If at first you don’t succeed, create a better plan.   
  • Practice makes permanent. Don’t keep trying to do more stuff just to do more. Make sure what you do is going to be productive.

  • Steps to finding a different way to do things.
    • Create time & space to intentionally think of what you are going to accomplish.
    • Expose yourself to different ways of thinking, new people and new experiences.
    • Persistent and continuous action.
    • Reasonable timeline expectation.
    • Enlisting others to help build your idea.  
  • Book Breakdown 1st – Inspiration – Idea comes to you and what you are going to accomplish
    • 2nd – Imagination – Feel and See yourself Do it
    • 3rd – Action – Whatever you need to do today to get towards your goal
    • This Equals Results 
  • Full body relaxation. Spend time visualizing your goals and then get into your “movie” and participate.  Get up early, or last thing before bed.
  • Listen to the voice that is telling you to go do it! The important part of achieving a goal is the process of changing our level of awareness to meet that goal.  Find the good in all of it.

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PS-Here’s the link to David’s book. Go buy it now!