SPN62 Part 1: Superhuman You with Iron Tamer: David Whitley

irontamerJoin me as I talk goals, mindset and a bunch of other stuff to help you be Superhuman with the Iron Tamer, David Whitley!

Show Notes

  • Dave Whitley- the Iron Tamer, Motivational Speaker and Strong Man from Nashville, TN.
  • Wrote the book Superhuman You
  • Dave started growing his business after reading Napoleon Hill Think and Grow Rich
  • Clarity of thought, decision and understanding what you want really is.  ”Success is progressive realization of a worthy ideal” -Earl Nightingale  
  • Dave wants to inspire others to live the life they were truly meant to.  Whatever their worthy ideal is, that is their superpower.
    • Define what you are going to do and give it a target date.
  • You can’t have the word “Attraction” without “Action”
    • You must work towards your goal to work toward goals.

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PS-Here’s the link to David’s book. Go buy it now!