SPN 84: Selling with Noble Purpose with Lisa McLeod

Show Highlights

  • Research shows that people sell more when they believe they are improving the customer’s condition vs. those selling just for a quota.
  • Three important thing you can do is ask yourself:
    • How much value can I provide the customer?
    • How well can you articulate that?
    • How much do you believe what you are doing matters in the grand scheme?
  • Selling with Noble Purpose
    • It’s important to be on time. Focus on what you are going to accomplish & the services you will give them.
    • Be up front on your scope.   Make an agreement before giving them details of your ideas.
    • Customer knows when they are just a number vs. Someone you want to help. When you care about them, you create a better psychological relationship.
    • Do a practice with yourself.   Shift your thinking to your customer. What is their vision and needs to ask better questions.
  • Think about your purpose – 3 Discovery Questions:
      • 1- How do you make a difference?
      • 2- How do you do it differently than your competition?
      • 3- On your best day what do you love about your Job?
  • Make sure to get customer testimonials.
    • Be proud of the service you offer.
    • Have a detailed list of why you are good at what you do and share customer testimonial.
  • Best way to manage a sales team
    • “How will this customer be better with doing business with us”
    • Making a profit & Be proud of your product.
    • It needs to be a daily reminder.
  • Customer Impact Stories
    • Follow up with customers on projects.
    • Follow up with your crew to see their work completed and enjoyed.
  • Noble Purpose :
    • Better Relationship with your customer
    • Increases your close rate
    • Increases revenue
    • It makes your job enjoyable because it matters to you!
  •   Best Advice:
    • 1- Name and claim your Noble Purpose
    • 2- Find 2-3 customer impact stories that become your reset button
    • 3- Before you meet a client : Take a breath, ground your feet, remind yourself that you are there to add value.

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