SPN 49: Why Every Contractor Should Podcast

travisIn this episode Tom interviews Travis Brown the producer of the Strongpreneur Podcast. They talk about why every human being should podcast.

1. Become an authority– giving tips, tricks, hacks, and advice will make you a trusted source of valuable information. When it comes time to hire a professional you’ve already paved the way and earned trust.

2. It’s “evergreen” promotion – no matter how someone comes about your podcast they can access it and previous shows at any time in their research phase before hiring someone. You make the content once and it lives on forever.

3. People get to know you – People who listen to podcasts develop a bond with their host. Don’t you feel like you know your favorite radio host?  People do business with who they like. Build rapport organically!

4. Tell future clients what you want them to know– Every industry has little nuances that can make a contractors life easier. You can literally tell them what makes your job easier. They will feel good about starting their project.

5. Podcasts are free – Podcasts are slowing replacing radio. 45 Million americans are subscribing and listening to podcasts at home and in the car. They are completely free and people love free.

6. No one reads blogs – Why do blog articles have bold lines? Because we skim. There are too many blog posts and not enough time to read them all. Content consumption is at an all time high. Snapchat, Instagram, Youtube, and other platforms have all taken off because we want to go behind the scenes and learn more. If you aren’t thinking this way you are losing business.

7. Technology is your friend. – You don’t need a $10,000 studio to record a great podcast. You can start one for less than $200. How much are you prospects worth? You can also build a team to make your podcast happen while you do more important things.

An important fact: How to spell sphinc·ter
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