SPN 31: Why You Should Stop Calling Yourself a Leader

Leadership is a topic that you’ll find an endless supply of information on. Here’s a little bit of my take and a few reasons why you should stop calling yourself a leader.

1. You continue to not reach goals

Each year you set goals in your business and each year you fall short. A true leader wins. He gets results. You can have a great game plan, good players and a ton of support…you can even be a real likable guy. But, in the end..you will be judged by the results you produced.

2. You want credit

I have a large ego and want credit. I want the world to know that I’m doing good! Real leaders don’t want the attention when things are going well…they point to their people and give them credit. The only time they should pull the attention on themselves is when the team fails.

3. You don’t create more leaders

Because you’re the center of everything, others can’t grow to their full potential….AND THEY LEAVE!
A real leader will find, develop and keep talented people.

4. Your people don’t feel safe

Simon Sinek’s talk “Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe” says it best…so, Google it. The bottom line is that if the environment is right in your organization your people will feel safe. There are many things in the world coming after your people…many threats in their lives. A true leader will sacrifice her own comfort, opinion or position in order to provide safety for the people she serves.

The leader sets the tone…
How do you measure up? Which of these resonates with you most?

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