SPN 30: Be a Financial Rockstar with Scott Alan Turner

Scott Alan TurnerToday’s guest went from a self-described money moron at age 22 to self-made millionaire 13 years later by raising his financial IQ and implementing some simple concepts. These same concepts are the same things he teaches others now in order to help them get out of debt, save more money and retire early.

In this episode of the SPN Podcast I ask Scott questions like:

  • If you could be a guitarist for a day who would you be?
  • What kind of head trash did you have about money?
  • As a financial coach what are some of the most common issues you see?
  • What do you tell the guy who’s in his 40’s and behind financially?
  • You’ve got 5 minutes before you go on stage to give a talk that will save humanity from their financial troubles….what would be your main points?

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Who Is Scott Alan Turner?

The following is from Scott’s website, Scott Alan Turner Dot Com

I am a serial entrepreneur and small business owner.  I started this website and my podcast to take all the knowledge and wisdom about money and business I have learned to help people with their finances and to reach their personal goals.

  • I’ve been an owner/partner in eight companies since the year 2000.
  • In 2005, I started working with a Certified Financial Planner to help me with my finances (I still meet with him to this day).
  • In 2007, I was on Clark Howard’s TV show spotlighted as a successful entrepreneur.
  • In 2009, I was completely out of debt with no mortgage.
  • In 2013, I taught Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University.
  • I’ve read over 200 books on personal finance.
  • I’m currently working on my  Masters Degree in Personal Financial Planning.

I’m also one of the founders of the National Registry for Adoption, a service to simplify embryo donation and adoption, and to help make adoption more affordable.