SPN 28: Hiring & Keeping Top Talent for Your Business with Hiring Coach Art Snarzyk

Art SMost small businesses have a hard time hiring & keeping top talent. In this episode of The Strongpreneur Podcast I talk with Hiring Coach Art Snarzyk, of InnerView Advisors about leveling up in this area of your business.

Art & I talk about…

  • What makes a great job ad!
  • Mr Rogers & Donald Trump!
  • The 1st thing to do when you need people fast!
  • How to motivate employees!
  • And, of course…more!

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Who is Art Snarzyk?

In management and hiring since 1996 and owner of a successful painting company for 9 years, Art knows first-hand the hassle, expense, and headache of trying to hire quality employees.

Let him introduce you to a scientifically tested and proven way to attract, hire and retain the best people for your company. You’ll no longer need to rely on intuition, skewed references, and subjective work history to make your hiring decisions. The best are out there and you deserve them!