SPN 100: Marry, Boff, Kill (Solocast)

Show Highlights:

  • Would you rather have Unlimited Time or Unlimited Money?  Unlimited Time … Because I can figure anything out and make unlimited money.
  • What are you not good at Tom?  Anything Admin!
  • What makes you passionate about this industry?   I lived it. I didn’t see many successful contractors.  But after my own journey I figure out what I needed to do to be successful.  I feel obligated to help prepare contractors to face what they will see.
  • Why do contractors fail or walk away?  Underestimating your business and not doing the math.   Making sure you have clarity about what you want and know what you need to do to be successful.
  • What is something that is true, that no one else agrees with you on? I believe that the painting trade requires the highest degree of any trade.
  • What is a horror story and what did you learn from it?   Don’t answer your phone on Christmas!  I learned not to let people walk all over me.
  • If you could go back in time and change one thing about any of your business, what would you change?  My first painting business.  I left money on the table because I didn’t have a database of customers and marketing to previous clients.  Or in my coaching business I would have chosen the Contracting  niche for my business coaching sooner.
  • Check out Tom’s latest program: Accelerate
  • #1 thing Contractors can do right now to grow their business?  Identify the true value you bring your business and then delegate everything else.
  • Do you talk to your contractors about setting expectations?  Yes.  Make sure you and your job foreman sets their expectations.  From letting your client know you will be late  or on a different time schedule, or how you will leave the job looking once the project is done.
  • Who has been your favorite guests: Mike Michalowicz, David Whitley, Sasha Berson and Aaron Walker, Travis Brown , Bob Burg
  • Tom’s Words of Wisdom: Keep Showing Up!  The action you take will keep creating momentum.