Tom is available for in-person as well as virtual speaking engagements.

Listed below are several potential programs to choose from. If you’d like to learn more, please submit the interest form below.

How to Sell Virtually & Pull Ahead of Your Competitors

In light of COVID-19, many companies are jumping on the ‘Virtual Sales’ bandwagon…and rightly so!

For almost six years, Tom Reber & his team have been teaching home improvement contractors how to sell virtually or over the phone.

This training will provide attendees with the mindset & tools needed to connect with their prospects, keep their sales going strong & sell at higher rates.


How to Build Your Brand & Generate Leads in our New Environment

This fast-paced training focuses on strategies to help you & your team generate opportunities in a time of fear & uncertainty.

What you’ll learn:

  • The eight prerequisites to unifying your team & growing your profits
  • How to know exactly how many leads you need to reach your goals
  • Three ways to get more eyeballs on your brand & create opportunities


Stop Wasting Time on the Wrong Prospects

In this session, we will dig into the specifics of how to connect with the deepest motives your potential clients have for wanting to do their projects and how to determine if they have the money, before you spend hours meeting with them and typing up proposals.

This workshops covers:

  • The 5 step process that will enable you to understand your clients motive, get to the money & ensure you don’t waste your time.
  • How to increase your average job size by at 10-15% on your next sale
  • How to cut your estimating time by a minimum of 40% and still hit your sales goals


The Profit Path: Leadership Principles to Grow Your Brand and Profits

Success leaves clues. If profit is sitting at the end of the path, what comes before it? What specific landmarks must be visited on the way to growth & profit?  The Profit Path leads attendees beyond top-line sales and number of leads. It takes them deeper into the leadership required to build a culture that guarantees growth and profit for years to come.

This workshops covers:

  • The eight prerequisites for growth and profit.
  • How to connect with your team in ways that will inspire & motivate for higher productivity
  • The ways that you, the leader, are getting in the way of your company growth & profits


Winning the Contractor Fight

‘Winning The Contractor Fight’ is where the transformation begins. Your audience will learn a different way to think about themselves & their businesses. This training is rooted in one of The Contractor Fight’s core values…“Don’t Mess with the Money.”

This workshops covers:

  • How to get the clarity needed to produce bigger wins immediately in your company
  • How to set the right sales goals for your business
  • How to reverse engineer your income & profit & ensure you’re charging enough for your work


Content Marketing Tactics That Will Get Your Company Noticed

Today’s buyer is more educated than ever. With all the TV shows, Social Media & other online resources available to them, they are looking for industry leaders.

This training will teach you the fundamentals of content marketing so that you can:

  • Build trust & connection with your ideal prospects
  • Position yourself as THE expert in your industry (and why that matters)
  • Build a pipeline for higher quality leads for years to come