SP 24: Sales Training for a Strong Business with Pat Helmers

helmersIn this episode I talk with Pat Helmers, a Sales Coach & Trainer with over two decades of experience.  He shares a some great insights on things like:

  • How he defines ‘sales’
  • The thing that sabotages a sale almost every time
  • Do extroverts make the best sales people?
  • How to get more leads from LinkedIn
  • And more!

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Who Is Pat Helmers?

Pat Helmers is a Sales Consultant, Sales Coach, Sales Trainer, Podcast  host of the Sales Babble sales podcast.

Pat has long been an account executive, sales manager, and Vice President of Sales.  Pat started as an engineer and then inventor in the telecommunications industry.

Always interested in the transformation and technology adoption, sales has been a  natural extension in his professional career.

For two decades Pat has authored education classes and is the inventor of the Selling With Confidence Sales Training System.  He is an acknowledged expert on  Sales Coach World.