SP 23: Who Do You Have in Your Corner? with Peter Vitale

vitaleIn this episode I talk with Peter Vitale, founder of Cornerman Life Coaching. Peter gives his take on how he helps men become better equipped for what life throws at them by being a strong mentor standing in their corner. You’ll hear us discuss:

  • How to find your greatness
  • Personal re-invention
  • What most men wished other people knew about them
  • Failing in business and choosing to get up again
  • And more!

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Who Is Peter Vitale?

Peter Vitale is a seasoned guy with old school values, but is keenly aware of today’s man and the setbacks that befall him. Peter believes that our culture has failed to produce when it comes to the personal development of men and is one of the reasons we have a runaway culture, the deterioration of our homes and a country in decline! Peter has been working with men in areas such as personal development, men in transition, divorce, alienated fathers and the like.

His desire is to see men restored, renewed and reawakened full of purpose and fulfillment as they excel in their lives both personally and professionally.

In the business arena, Peter was the founder and CEO of two corporations and an entrepreneur for over thirty years. He understands the demands of business and the importance of family and the balance that needs to be found between the two. He has been a coach and motivational speaker over the years and has been married for 31 years to his wife and has raised two strong sons. Peter does not speak from an ivory tower but has experience hardship, setbacks and loss in his own life and understands what it takes to get up, re- invent yourself and move on to a wonderful life.