SP 22: Email Marketing for a Strong Business with Neil Kristianson

Screenshot 2015-06-14 11.06.42Neil Kristianson built and sold his 2 million dollar remodeling business. I personally watched him do it over the past decade or so since we are good friends. By focusing on the experience his clients had he quickly grew his business into an industry leader. One way he delivered on that experience was through a solid email marketing system. Now, Neil helps other businesses deliver great experiences by teaching them to ask “What comes next?”

In this episode

  • 3 words to never use in your email marketing
  • Email list hygiene…keep it clean
  • Why ‘unsubscribes’ are a good thing
  • And, continuing to meet your clients’ needs by asking ‘What’s next?”

Please stick with us through the ADD moments and you’ll walk away with some good stuff to help you build a strong business.

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