SP 09: Snowboards, Car Chases & Building a Global Fitness Education Business with James Breese

Former Athlete, Snowboarding Guide and former Undercover Police Officer, James Breese joins me on Episode 9 of The Strongpreneur Podcast. He is the founder of Strength Matters, a global fitness education company with the mission “to empower people with the skills to change lives and make the world a fitter, stronger, healthier place.”

James is the real deal when it comes to someone who is building a strong business. Grab your earbuds, go for a walk and get smarter over the next hour or so!

In this episode we talk about:

  • The #1 activity needed to build a strong business!
  • How to find problems to fix for your ideal clients!
  • How he has built a team of the world’s best and brightest in the fitness industry!
  • And, high speed car chases through the streets of London!

You can contact James here: