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“Let me think it over and I’ll get back to you.”

If you’ve had a homeowner say this to you recently, you know the sickening feeling in your stomach.

You’ve just spent hours of time meeting with the prospect, working up an estimate, driving back and forth to their house, and going through the estimate -- only to be blown off.

It’s one of the worst things about being a contractor.

If only we could build amazing projects for people without having to make the sale! Unfortunately, owning a business doesn’t work that way.

Once you start your own thing, you’re no longer in the construction business -- you’re now in the marketing and sales business. Your job is to find and sell new projects so the money continues to flow into the bank.

Without sales...your business dies.

You Weren’t Taught How To Sell

Most contractors didn’t go to sales school -- or even business school. Sales isn’t something you just “know.”

You probably spent years learning your trade. Chances are someone worked side-by-side with you showing you every trick they knew about your trade and guiding you past your mistakes.

But when you started a business, you just jumped into sales without as much as a five minute lesson. It’s no wonder most contractors follow the prospect’s lead and just do whatever they ask...

“Come over Sunday morning and give me an estimate.”
“I need to see a drawing before I can decide if it's worth the money."
"The price is great but I need a detailed breakdown of labor and materials."
“Just leave your proposal in the mailbox.”
Most Prospects Aren’t Cheap -- They’re Just Uneducated

The truth is, most prospective buyers aren’t out to waste your time. They just spend too much time watching HGTV and think everything costs a quarter of what it really does.

It’s not their fault.

When you jump into a project without verifying what they think a project costs, or even if they have that kind of money, you’re just asking for rejection. Of course they’re going to ghost you.

They’re too embarrassed to tell you they can’t afford it or don’t want to spend that much. They’d rather slip into “witness protection” never to be heard from again.

What does one lost sale cost you?

If you don’t have a process to follow for sales, by default you’re using the prospect’s process.

Having a repeatable process is the easiest way to increase your sales. So much time is wasted by following the prospect’s lead -- only to find they have no money to spend.

If you had a system to follow that weeded out the tire-kickers, think of how much time you would save!

And how much more you could sell!

Not using a sales process is costing you money EVERY. DAMN. DAY.

Let’s do some quick math…

If your average job size is $2,500 (and that’s VERY low for most contractors) and you’re letting just ONE job per week slip through your fingers because of your poor sales skills -

That’s $10,000 per month you’re giving away to your competitors.

Money they can use to market and grow their business -- leaving you in the dust.

The Solution for Every Sales Situation
Steve Shinholser, Creator of the Shin-Fu Sales Process

Twenty years ago, Steve Shinholser started his pond company and quickly got sick of hearing “we need to think about it.”

He knew there had to be a better way to sell.

He began experimenting with different phrases and methods. Some worked -- some didn’t. He kept the good stuff and slowly built his sales confidence.

Eventually, he cracked the code to pre-qualifying clients and not wasting his time. In fact, over the past four years, using the sales process he created, he has a 100% close rate when he goes out to see a customer. 100%!!

Steve went on to share his process with a small group of contractors.

Today we call it The Shin-Fu Sales Process.

We’ve honed Steve's system over YEARS of practice.

We’ve trained literally hundreds of contractors across the world to use it successfully.

And it works in EVERY situation for EVERY trade because it's all about communicating with people.

Experts Diagnose BEFORE They Sell

Everything about our Shin-Fu Sales Process is about making you the expert.

The 5 steps are designed to gain the prospect’s confidence allowing them to open up to you in ways that no other contractor can achieve. This process is key to weeding out the truly CHEAP prospects and protecting your time.

However, most prospects aren’t cheap -- they’re just misinformed.

When you become the trusted expert, they’re more likely to trust you and spend more money than they would when you’re just a quote in their inbox.

Left with no other means of comparison, homeowners default to price.

Give them another reason to spend money, and they will.

Master The Shin-Fu Sales Process 

A Game-Changing Sales Training Program for Contractors

Three Results When You Use The Shin-Fu Sales Process...
Skillfully Navigate the Most Common Sales Obstacles...
Uncover a lead's TRUE budget
Get the blessing of ALL the decision-makers before you write up a proposal
Discover a prospect's REAL motivation for hiring you (This is important. They want to hire someone who understands them.)
Work through the tire-kickers quickly so you can get back to the prospects who want to hire you
Know what to say when they ask for an itemized breakdown of the project by labor and materials
Confidently answer when they tell you that you're the most expensive contractor they've talked with (Bringing it up doesn't make them cheap. They could very well still be your customer.)
Protect Your Time and Eliminate the Chaos Caused by Open Leads
Move your prospects from 'maybe' to a solid answer
Our average member saves 12 hours or more each week because they can get a 'yes' or a 'no'
Use the telephone as your primary sales tool - no more driving out to see every single lead
Know with confidence the status of each lead so you can stop living on 'hope island' 
Understand when and how to use consultation fees to eliminate the tire-kickers
Close More Projects at High Margins
Use your prospect's own wants and desires to increase the value of your offerings
Forever eliminate low profit work from your company
Talk comfortably about money - no more avoiding the topic or lowering your price just to avoid conflict
Create a positive money mindset that attracts high-dollar clients
Shin-Fu Sales Training Video Program
($1200 value)
Discover all five steps of the Shin-Fu
See the five steps in action using real-life situations that you will face as a salesperson
Learn important 'word tracks' that you can implement immediately into your sales calls
Available through our private training portal which you can access anytime you want as long as you are a member
Weekly Live Mindset Training Video Calls
($6000 value)
Hear directly from the Shin-Fu Masters each week about how they use the process to increase their personal wealth and income
Discover what it takes to overcome your money fears
Motivate yourself to stand up and fight for the value you bring to your clients
These calls are lead by Steve Shinholser, Tom Reber, Derek Johnson, and Logan Shinholser
Make sales a priority in your company by following the example of your new mentors
Weekly Live Rumble-Night Training Calls
($6000 value)
Learn the basics of the Shin-Fu from our experienced sales trainers
Hear other members role-play and see how they handle common sales scenarios
Discover the importance of tone and pace when speaking with prospects
Practice using your new skills so you're always sharp and ready to go when a new prospect calls
Practice Your Skills and Track Your Progress With Shin-Fu Sales Belt
($2400 value)
Find other members to role-play with so you can practice your skills and discover new word tracks
Earn belts - just like a karate dojo- as you progress through your training
Document your role-plays with other members to earn points toward your next belt level
Form new friendships and meet like-minded contractors as you role-play with members across the country
BONUS: Access to Private Facebook Group
($1200 value)
It's like having a team of sales coaches on retainer - get help with your specific sales situation
Interact with your fellow contractors
Learn new skills by seeing how others are applying the Shin-Fu in their business
Share your sales wins!
The Mastermind is a $16,800 value for a full year of life-changing sales training. But you can join now for only $399/month
“Since joining, my company has really taken off. I am finally in control of my business and my life. Shin-Fu has basically given me a lot of free time now where I’m not wasting a lot of time chasing leads and trying to figure out the best next step to do.”
Mark King, The Pond Doctor
“I want to put out there that our first month in the Mastermind has been phenomenal. We have been in business for two years, and since starting with the Shin-Fu we are finally heading in the right direction. Best investment I have made to date as a business owner. Thank you all for being awesome, owning your shit, and continuing the quest for self-improvement.”
Jason L Peloquin, Affinity Painting & Cabinet Refinishing
“Until they see it, see that it works, it’s hard for somebody to really kinda put their head around it. Even for a company like Bahler Brothers that has been successful, we implemented the new process and saw results from it. If it works for us it can definitely work for folks just starting out.”
George Siriotis, Bahler Brothers
“Enlightening. It’s given me the confidence to assert my business the way I’ve always wanted to, charge the prices I’m worth and find a community of people that have the same vision I do.”
Dan Sherwood, Sherwood Painting
“I’ve been a member for about 2 months now, and I am already seeing a tremendous difference. Not only in my business, but also in my personal life! I have regained about 15-20 hours a week…I have taken that time back and started to dream and plan for my family and business again!”
Casey Fabling, Fabling Built
“My sales went from a 25% closing ratio to over 90%! The Shin-Fu has made a huge impact in getting back valued time and allowing me to have a work, life balance.”
Dan Stanza, Good Earth Water Gardens
“Shin-Fu has completely changed the way we run our business. Tom and Steve have taught us how to qualify customers…They have helped us turn our company around and accomplish goals that used to be just dreams.”
Alison Biezad, Pondscapes Az
“I can’t tell you how glad I am that I found these guys and joined…I have closed on more jobs, closed on the right jobs and am now selling at a higher price all because of the powerful tools I have been given by the Mastermind.”
Neil Carter, Carter Painting
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