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Don’t Put Your Future in the Hands of Indecisive Homeowners
Discover how to take control of the sale using our simple 5-Step Process

“Let me think it over and I’ll get back to you.”

If you’ve had a homeowner say this to you recently, you know the sickening feeling in your stomach.

You spent hours of time meeting with the prospect…working up an estimate…driving back and forth to their house…going through the estimate -- only to be blown off.

It’s one of the worst things about being a contractor.

If only you could skip the sales step and go straight to building amazing projects for people!

Unfortunately, owning a business doesn’t work that way.

Once you start your own thing, you’re no longer in the construction business -- you’re now in the marketing and sales business.

Your job is to find and sell new projects so the money continues to flow into the bank.

Without sales...your business dies.
You Weren’t Taught How To Sell

Most contractors didn’t go to sales school.

And sales isn’t something you’re just “born with” – no matter what you’ve heard.

You weren’t born knowing your trade, either. You probably spent years learning it.

Chances are someone worked side-by-side with you showing you every trick they knew, guiding you past your mistakes.

But when you started a business, you jumped into sales without as much as a five minute lesson.

It’s no wonder most contractors follow the prospect’s lead and just do whatever they ask. Things like...
Come over and give me a free estimate.
Can you work up some free drawings?
I don't have time to meet, just email me the quote
Most Prospects Aren’t Cheap -- They’re Just Uneducated

The truth is, most prospective buyers aren’t out to waste your time.

Instead, they’ve spent too much time watching HGTV and think everything costs a fraction of what it really does.

It’s not their fault.

When you jump into a project without verifying their budget, you’re asking for rejection.

Of course they’re going to ghost you.

They’re too embarrassed to tell you they can’t afford it or don’t want to spend that much.

They’d rather slip into “witness protection” never to be heard from again.

What does one lost sale cost you?

So much time is wasted following the prospect’s lead -- only to find they can’t afford you.

When you don’t have a sales process, by default you’re using the prospect’s process.

Having a tried and tested pre-qualification process is the easiest and fastest way to increase your sales.

Imagine if you could instantly spot a tire-kicker.

Think of the time you would save!

And how much more you could sell!

Not using a sales process is costing you money EVERY. DAMN. DAY.

Imagine if you could sell just one more job per month…or per week.

What would that add to your bottom line?

Every day you don’t learn how to sell is another day you’re losing sales to your competitors.

Soon, you’ll be left in the dust without hope of ever catching up.

Enter The Master

Twenty years ago, Steve Shinholser started his pond company and quickly got sick of hearing “we need to think about it.”

He knew there had to be a better way to sell projects.

He began experimenting with different phrases and methods.

Some worked -- some didn’t.

He kept the good stuff and slowly built his sales confidence.

He studied and tested until he got REALLY good at selling.

Prospects instantly trusted him and would tell him the truth about their situation.

  • No more lies about their budget.
  • No more lies about getting back to him tomorrow.
  • No more lies. Period.

For the last five years Steve owned his pond business, he had a 100% close rate when he went out to see a customer. 100%!!

Never once did he hear, “we need to think about it.”

He cracked the code to pre-qualifying clients and not wasting his time.

In 2014, Steve began sharing his sales process with other contractors.

People were amazed by Shinholser’s ability to deflect a prospect’s objections like a Kung-Fu master – the Shin-Fu was born!

Since then, we’ve trained literally THOUSANDS of contractors across the world to use it successfully.

And it works in EVERY situation for EVERY trade.

What Others Have to Say.....
What Others Have to Say.....

Ready To Stop Wasting Time?

Fill your calendar with IDEAL PROSPECTS who want what you sell

In This Nine Part Video Series…
Discover the magic phrase that compels prospects to give you their real budget
Experience real life examples of how your pre-qualification calls SHOULD sound
Know EXACTLY what to say next time someone tells you they need to speak to their spouse before committing to the project
Learn how to head off a prospect’s concerns BEFORE they become an objection
Find out what’s REALLY important to a prospect when choosing a contractor (it’s not what you think it is)
Learn the skills necessary to NEVER waste your time on the wrong prospects again
Learn the art of Shin-Fu from two of our sales masters - Tim Cutroni and Derek Johnson. Together, Tim and Derek have thousands of sales calls under their belts. There isn’t a situation these guys haven’t encountered. But just like you, they once struggled with selling, they were awkward and uncomfortable. Today there is no one better to teach you how to sell with confidence.
Complete Program For Only
$247 $197 one-time payment

This program includes...

  • Almost two hours of video meticulously walking you through all five steps of The Shin-Fu Sales Process
  • Example sales script to nail the perfect pre-qualification phone call
  • Cheat sheets you can use to deflect the most common objections
  • Sales intake form so you never miss a thing when a prospect calls
  • Bonus video putting all the pieces together in a complete role play
  • Second Bonus video highlighting the six questions you should ask every prospect
  • Real life example from fellow contractors so you'll hear how others are implementing and succeeding with Shin-Fu
The Shin-Fu Sales Process Works For These Contractors...
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