Quit Your Job You Chicken!

I’ve written a lot about how uninspired people are. Time and time again I have conversations with employees and business owners who feel they have more to offer and bigger dreams to pursue, but they continue to torture themselves in a job (or business) that drains the passion and life out of them. To those of you who are in that group I have one piece of advice: Quit Your Job

Several years ago I left the company I built. It was a successful business in the home improvement industry. We served hundreds of clients each year in ways that were head and shoulders above our competitors. We had strong lead flow, strong team members and strong profit. I also had a great business partner. I was fortunate enough to be part of a great company!

And, I left. Sold my half and within a year was totally out.

Today, I’m going to give you 4 reasons why you should quit your job too. Maybe you’ll be brave enough to take the leap.

Quit your job if you lack passion

When you think of going to work Monday morning what happens to your body? Do you feel anxious, stressed and get crabby or depressed? If you’re 40 years old and you live to 75 you have 306,600 hours left. Take away 1/3 for sleeping and you’re left with just over 200,000 hours.

Make a promise to yourself to use your time becoming someone you are proud of. Use your time doing things that fire you up. Don’t base this decision on money or benefits or what the ‘Joneses’ will think. I came to realize that one of my top values was ‘impact.’ I need to know I am having an impact in the world. Working toward having an impact fires me up and fuels my passion.

Be brave. Find your passion.

Quit your job if your life has a theme that you can’t ignore any longer

I’ve always had an active imagination. I can see scenes, like movies, played out in my head. I turn everything into a speech to help others. When I was a Marine I wrote a poem and it ended up getting published. As a contractor I submitted an article for a trade magazine and it was published…then, I was asked to write a regular column…then, I was asked to sit on their Board of Directors.

Communication has been a theme that continued showing up in my life.

As a Freshman in High School I was introduced to the weight room. I spent more time there than anywhere else. I love the sound of the iron plates, the chalk in the air and the accomplishment I feel when I moved something heavy.

I later got a personal training certification and volunteered as a strength coach at a local high school.

Many years later I began swinging a ketlebell and needed, yes…needed to get the world’s top certification in kettlebells.

Strength has also been a theme that continued to show up in my life.

I left my company, in part, due to the calling of these themes. I was restless and needed to follow even though I had no idea what to do. I started MOTOR with no clue what it would look like in the future, but it felt right and I’m alive again!

What are your themes?

How much longer will you ignore their call?

Quit your job if you’re an ass at home

We’re all jerks from time to time at home. But, for me I was always crabby. I was growing more and more irritable.

Our vocation should bring out the best in us. When our best is showing up and we are living with passion we will be happier.

Ask your spouse and kids what they think about your level of ‘ass-ness.’

Quit your job if you’re not having fun

This has been tough for me because my mindset most of my life has been, “Suck it up and do the work.” It was like I had the thinking that if you suffered more and kicked ass in your work you were better somehow. Weird, I know.

As a business owner and a football coach, I have come to learn that happy people do better work. When you are loose and are having a good time you will more consistently bring your best to your work. Seek to find a way to have fun here and now.

Remember how much time you have left (with no guarantee) and make a commitment to enjoy your work.

Don’t Ignore the Voice

If I play the odds it’s a good chance that about 80% of you reading this know deep inside it’s time to quit your job. Do it. Don’t wait. Don’t let fear derail what you know is the best thing for you. There will be sacrifices and struggles and you may fail now and then, but in the end you will be glad you found the courage to quit.