The ‘Program Minimum’ of Building a Strong Business


Ready to build a strong business?

I swing kettlebells. You know, that things that looks like a cannonball with a handle.

I love the simplicity of it. I’ve done strength training for many years and have seen all types of programs designed to build strength, burn calories and make us look and feel better.

There’s a dude named Pavel Tsatsouline who brought the kettlebell to the US a number of years ago from Russia. Pavel is a former Russian Special Forces guy who now heads up an organization called Strong First. He and his team train top athletes and special ops groups throughout the world. When it comes to strength they are the best in the business.

Less is More

One quickly learns when diving into Pavel’s mind that he’s a fan of less. For example, he teaches that 2 moves: the Kettlebell Swing and the Turkish Get-Up are all you need to get strong.  Due to the length that this post would be if I dove deep into describing those movements I won’t! The point is that the data tells us that these 2 basic moves are all it takes to develop a functional and tactical strength.

He calls these 2 movements the ‘Program Minimum.’ Do 100 swings and 10 get-ups each day and you’ll be stronger, more flexible and more alert. One more important thing to know: the Program Minimum usually doesn’t take more that 15-20 minutes throughout the day, nor does it require you working so hard you puke in a bucket.

Less is more.

When You’re On be On

Less only works if you’re ‘on’. Another key point to understand is that our progress depends on our focus. When it’s time to swing the bell, swing it with focus. We like to say “When you’re on, be on.” It makes no sense to do something in a half-hearted way.

Imagine how your relationships and work would change if you trained yourself to be ‘on’ when you needed to be?

The Program Minimum for Building a Strong Business

There are millions of articles, blogs, videos, podcasts and opinions for us when it comes to learning to build a strong business. There’s always a new marketing program, sales technique or software that’s supposed to help you. Honestly, it can be overwhelming.

What are the things that really matter in business? What are those things that have stood the test of time and are unchanging? The kettlebell has been the same for hundreds of years and it still works! The same goes for business.

I believe the ‘Program Minimum’ for building a mega-strong business are simply these 2 things:

1. Plant Seeds

Nothing grows without something being planted. I’ve seen so many (self included) business owners allow themselves to get hijacked by many other things. They end up doing everything but focusing on growing new business. Want new clients? Plant. Want your existing clients to be more loyal and purchase more? Plant. Need better people on your team? Plant.

Sure…doing the work is huge, but never stop planting.

2. Commit to Being a Teacher

The more you educate the more of the expert you become. People will flock to the expert. Your clients have questions. Your vendors and employees have questions. Everyone has needs. The more needs you meet the more value you bring.

Adding value never gets old! When you take the approach of being the best teacher in your industry you will eventually build a strong business. Being the best teacher will mean that you are continually working on yourself and finding ways to add value to others.

Give. Add value. Help others. This will never be ‘old school’.

How about you? What are your ‘Program Minimum’ activities for your business? Make sure you know what they are and give them the attention they deserve.