TCF888: Create a Safe Place to Work

In any workplace, toxic employees can create stress and tension and negatively impact the morale and culture of your company. But the real damage occurs

TCF886: I Was Held HOSTAGE

Have you ever felt like you were being locked up in your own company? Tom recounts how he was held hostage for two years by

TCF885: Know. Show. Do. Review.

Do you struggle to train your employees or new hires? Jumping straight to explanations and demonstrations often leaves the employees confused and overwhelmed, and simply

TCF882: Blueprint for Success

Spring is here, and as pond water feature and outdoor living space business owners Tim and Derek know all too well, springtime is crunch time.

TCF881: Top 5 Tips to Make 6 Figures

Are you tired of having financial struggles? Do you want to make six figures of personal income? Then you’ll want to listen up. Tom shares

TCF874: Conquer your Mindset

Tom sits down with mindset coach and The Fight team member Chris Dwyer, a.k.a Yoda, to discuss conquering your mindset and achieving your highest potential.

TCF902: Head Trash

Are you hesitating on bids or avoiding big projects? Is your lack of self-confidence holding you back? Do you sometimes doubt if you’re good enough

TCF901: This is NOT a Drill

This is not a drill, and the results matter! Tom lays down some hard truths about the high stakes of running a business. Every choice