Why the Podcast…Why Now?

A few weeks ago I shared my biggest business blunders of 2014. One of those was not starting my podcast.

It’s easy to say ‘just start the thing’. But, for me it was a challenge. My main challenge was my own head. I knew podcasting was in my future. I knew I could figure out the technical end. And, I know the motor message has a place in the podcasting world.

“The Strongpreneur Podcast”

Copy of TheSTRONGpreneurPodcast-2I had the name. I had the artwork ready. I had guests lined up and willing to come on the show.

Why didn’t I start?

A gut feeling. That’s it. In my gut it didn’t feel ready…actually, I didn’t feel ready. There was no ‘mojo’ involved. I’m a mojo guy. I need to feel it or it won’t be as successful as I want things to be.

Mojo is confidence. My mojo recently directed two decisions for me apart from the podcast.

1. I got a huge tattoo on my forearm. Again, for two years I knew I wanted it but didn’t pull the trigger until my mojo was there. You can read the story here.

2. I had a video shoot with Todd Pierson my video guy. He’s amazing. I need an intro video for Motor, so I scheduled with him. Then, I called to reschedule the day before….why? My mojo. I was feeling in the dumps about some things and knew I wouldn’t be my best and this was not a time to fake it until I make it. And, I had a big zit on the tip of my nose. Talk about stealing mojo…

Why am I ready now to start the podcast?

  1. The more I coach people the more I see how badly they need help. Let me say that I include myself in ‘they.’ We need help. If we want to have strong businesses and higher quality of life, less stress, etc…then, we need capable people to help educate us. I’m one of those capable people (so are you). I am blessed with friends and connections who arevwilling to share their wisdom and be part of the solution. Too many people are stressed, broke and fat…that’s no way to go through life.
  2. I need a bigger platform to reach people. If I want to have a big impact I simply need to expand my reach. Podcasting is one way to reach potentially tens of thousands of people. I personally have been forever impacted by several different people who stepped up and created podcasts that I found, listened to and have been greatly inspired and helped.
  3. I want to push myself to be better. In order for us to put a bullet in mediocrity I need to make sure I’m not allowing myself to get comfortable. Lead by example, right?

What I need from you…

If you dig what Motor is about then I’m asking you to just share what we’re doing.

  1. You’ll see many messages for the podcast come across Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I’m asking people to sign up for the MOTORtalk newsletter so they can be kept in the loop about our launch (week of 2/16/15). Please share those posts with your networks.
  2. Forward emails and blogs you like to people you think would appreciate it. Remember, the podcast is free! If you or anyone you know needs help getting their head right or repairing their business…it free.
  3. During the week of 2/16/15 we will go live on iTunes. Please give the show a listen and if you like it please rate and review it.


If you know anyone who fits the description of a Strongpreneur (see below), please have them reach out to me to see if being a guest makes sense. Yes, you can nominate yourself.


Are you a Strongpreneur?

How would you know, right? You’ve probably never heard the word before.  If you are one of these rare people you’re someone who is taking entrepreneurship to a new level.

You relentlessly chase greatness in your life and your business. You welcome high levels of risk and have built the habit of standing toe to toe with the things you fear…and win.

You despise the thought of living an average life and are waging your own war on mediocrity. You’re far from perfect and fail often, but you recover quickly and move on with an unwavering focus.

Your intensity is moving humanity forward because you’re one who enriches the lives of others through your work. Maybe you’re feeding the hungry or protecting families. Maybe you create jobs in your community or help people deal with their pain. Your work adds value and brings peace of mind to those you lead and serve.

You are uncommon.

You’re a Strongpreneur.