Play to Win

This picture was taken in June of 2017 in Breckinridge, CO when my right-hand guy Neil Kristianson and I rented an Airbnb for the weekend.

My coaching business was doing ok, but we knew we needed to step up our game. So, we holed ourselves up for a couple of days and recreated everything.

The result?

The Contractor Fight was born. An organization with the mission of bringing respect and dignity back to the trades.

I share this today for a reason. I recently received a message from someone who said he was blown away by my work ethic. He couldn’t believe how much I accomplish.

I’ve been thinking about that message a lot lately and wanted to share how I ‘achieve’ so much.

First, I PLAY TO WIN. When we came out of that Airbnb we were focused on winning. Far too many people play not to lose. They play it safe. They don’t stretch themselves. They take little or no risks because they worry they will lose it all or fail.

I attack. I play to win (that probably sounds familiar to my Wheaton North Football friends on here).

Play to win.
Prepare. Outwork your fears and doubts. Prepare, train, practice, and play with the intention of absolutely crushing your opponent (yea, that’s a Marine thing too ?). Break your opponent’s will.

My opponent is not my competitor… they mean nothing to me and have no impact on my success. I want them to win too.

My opponent is my Little Kitty Voice. I’ll let you decipher what I mean by that.

It’s that voice inside me that tells me I’m stupid, not talented enough, lacking resources, tired, etc. We have had one of those.

I’m here to win. I play to win.

The second HUGE reason I achieve so much is because of my team. They push me. They know their stuff. They are winners. They execute at a high level.

We plan. We execute. We all take ownership of our roles.

“I” don’t achieve all this. “We” do.

I was reflecting on all that we have achieved in just a few short years and I’m super proud.

✅ 376 Contractor Fight Podcast Episodes
✅ 114 Contractor Sales Academy Podcast Episodes
✅ 404 Contractor Fight TV Videos on YouTube
✅ 1000’s of people coached and mentored through our programs
✅ Writing my book, Winning the Contractor Fight
✅ Filming a new show on HGTV
✅ Putting on The Mile High Profit Summit Event in September 2021 in Denver
✅ Annual events for our Contractor Sales Academy members
✅ And most importantly, the thousands of lives we’ve made a little better because of the education we deliver that helps contractors earn what they’re worth and be more present at home.

There’s probably more. That’s off the top of my head.

Want to achieve more?

Play to win. Surround yourself with winners.

Next weekend, Neil come back to Colorado for a week. I wonder what we’ll come up with this time? ??

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