How to Plan Your Week Like a Badass

Tick Tock Goes the Clock.

Time is all we’ve got.

We can get new friends. We can make new money. But we can’t steal any more time than what we have each day. The way we use our time is one of the biggest faults we have. Here are a few strategies to help you approach your week like a badass and ensure you use your most valuable resource wisely.

Be Honest About Your Time

Before you complain about being overwhelmed with all the things you need to do and how you don’t have any time, take an inventory.

Track your time for 2 weeks. Live your life as you normally do, but track it.

Once you have your time on paper you can make your judgment call. Almost every person I have do this is surprised how much time they actually waste and it sets the tone for the next tips.

Get Clarity

What do you want? Be specific. Be relentless in your description of that vision.

Do you want to only work 16 hours each week and make $150k? Maybe you want to grow your profit by 200% in the next 2 years?

Get clear.

What don’t you want? Write everything you don’t want to ‘achieve.’

“I don’t want to babysit my employees.”

“I don’t want to drive around to estimates anymore.”

“I don’t want to work with disrespectful clients.”

The good news is that you’re the boss of you and get to choose.

Rank What You Do

Take all the things that you spent your time on (the things you tracked) and assign them a letter.

I- I’m incompetent or suck at it

C- I’m ok at it but don’t really dig doing it

E- I’m excellent at it but it doesn’t energize me

S- This is my sweet spot I’m awesome at it and it fires me up and makes us money

What percentage of your time is spent in each area?

Here’s a snapshot of how one of my clients spent a week recently:

Take a look at how it breaks down based on percentage of time spent in each area:






What do you notice?

He’s only spending 9% of his time in his sweet spot. That’s not good. He’s spending 62% of his time on the crap that he’s either no good at or doesn’t really enjoy.

Here was my advice in our coaching session:

  1. Outsource the 62% stuff
  2. Get the ‘Sweet Spot’ stuff to 80% or better

Simple…yes. Easy…no.

This will take some planning, training and a willingness to get uncomfortable on his part.

But, it’s doable and necessary if he wants to scale his business, make more money and enjoy his life.

Does the use of your time reflect what you said you wanted? If not, change it.


It doesn’t take a genius to see how this can happen and help someone be successful. The secret sauce is discipline.

Here is my advice on how to implement this stuff:

  1. Put it on the calendar (the sweet spot stuff)
  2. Say ‘no’ more than you say ‘yes’
  3. Bite the bullet and hire/outsource to someone who is really good at those other things and then get out of their way. ***I have 5 people on my team who are all rock stars at the things I suck at or hate. I have a weekly call with them for about 30 minutes to get us on the same page. They do the rest.

Your level discipline will make or break your plan. It’s all on you.

Take back your time. Work in your sweet spot. Be a badass and produce up to your potential.

Join The Fight and take control.

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