One Nail

Welcome to The One Nail Program.

This is a high performance implementation group where you have the knowledge of Tom and other successful members. It is only for those who are already ‘winning’ in their business. Not for people who are broke or struggling to eat. It’s for those who want to move faster toward greater success without bullshit. As long as you implement you can stay. And, if you implement, we guarantee results or we refund your money at the end of one year.

Here’s the simple fine print:

-You get a hybrid of 1:1 coaching with Tom & Group Coaching with the other members, so you get customized solutions to your unique issues.

-Group calls are Wednesday’s at 10:30am MST and last for 60-90 minutes. These calls are action-oriented. You will check in with your progress from the previous week, get help for pressing issues and offer help to other members as needed.

-You are committing to one year in the program at a price of $999/month. If you don’t realize at least a 10x return on your investment we refund the money. * Void if you are not implementing along the way.

-You have 1:1 access to Tom via the Basecamp3 Application. You have a private thread with him to ask specific questions and get guidance. Tom responds within 48 hours to these messages. For more pressing issues he will call you to help you.

-The success of the group in dependent on the openness of each member. Please be real. Be positive and a giver.

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