Nicole Lane

Program Sales, Coach

Team Building

Career Experience – Nicole is skilled in interpersonal communication, employee development/coaching, decision making and problem solving to drive results in a positive and engaging manner. She excels in the areas of customer focus, goal achievement, conceptual thinking and written communication.  Nicole is working toward an MBA focused in Organizational Leadership.  She is passionate about developing relationships within organizations that encourage a strong team culture and provide a platform to leverage individual strengths for collective success.

Her Struggles – Nicole used to struggle with a scarcity mindset and imposter syndrome.  Since joining The Contractor Fight in early 2021, Nicole has redefined her life.  After realizing her core values, she was able to adopt a set of standards that have propelled her into a confident new state.  

“You must do the thing you think you cannot do.”

What Qualifies Nicole to be a Coach? – Nicole’s ongoing education, certification training in behavioral analysis, commitment to personal development and excellent communication skills empower her to be an excellent teams coach. Nicole utilizes various assessment tools to provide organizational leadership consulting specifically based on the needs and people of the organization.