Neil Kristianson

CEO, Coach

Marketing, Numbers, General Contractor Bidding

Career Experience – While working as the manager of a local lumber yard, Neil became convinced he could do a better job of remodeling than most of the contractors he met each day. In 2000, he and his brother started a residential remodeling company, quickly learning that there was more to it than they thought.

They eventually built it up to a $1.8 million business and sold it to a competitor in 2013. Neil went on to start a marketing automation company where he helps authors and business coaches scale.

Neil is the only coach who had the pleasure of hiring and firing Tom Reber as his painter three times.


“You can’t just stop.”

His Struggles – Neil struggles with feelings of worthiness and despises confrontation. He can still remember the incident with his father at the age of five that is the root of his confrontation issues.

A lack of self-worth caused him to underbid for years. Even though the math clearly showed he wasn’t charging enough, he struggled to raise prices.

Hanging around #FWs has changed his mindset about money and allowed him to dramatically increase his income.

What Qualifies Neil to be a Coach? – Neil has a gift for asking questions. His ability to thoughtfully probe and think before diving in means any advice he gives is reasoned and reliable.

He loves to pass on the lessons he’s learned the hard way and through being coached himself continually since 2004.

Nothing gives him greater joy than to see a member go from broken to success.

Personal Life – Neil and his wife live in the far, far, far western suburbs of Chicago. He loves all things nature and environmental. When he’s not working you can find him in the prairie, woods, or traveling the globe. Usually with a camera in hand.

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