Much Needed Contractor Website Tips

I feel compelled to give some much needed contractor website tips today. Most contractor websites stink for various reasons. It’s not necessarily their fault, right? They build, paint and plant stuff, so why would I expect them to know what to do with a website?

Below you will find some tips to help you make sure your website is up to date and is working effectively to help you convert the traffic that lands there. Not only will these help you get more leads, but you’ll make the overall experience better for your clients.

One quick disclaimer. I am not an SEO guy. I am not a website designer. What I am is a connection guy. That means the advice I give here is my take on how your contractor website can connect you to your ideal clients in a better way.

  1. If you haven’t redesigned your site in the last 3 years it’s probably time. People search differently today than they did 3 years ago. They are used to certain looks, feels and bells and whistles on other sites. A contractor website should be more than just a brochure put on the internet.

    contractor website tips
    Brochure website. What do they want us to do? This site is being redesigned as I write this…
  2. What do they want me to do? Go look at some other websites and ask yourself that question. If you can’t answer it in 1 second then they have failed. Now, do the same with your website. It should be super clear what you want your visitors to do.
  3. Have a clear call to action (CTA). This is basically the fulfillment of ‘what do they want me to do’. The CTA needs to be obvious and simple. Do you want them to call you? Email you? Fill out a form? Tell them clearly.

    contractor website tips
    Don’t Wait! Get a Free Estimate..then a big TRY IT NOW button is a great CTA. This site converts between 2-4 leads per day.
  4. High value content should dominate. This is content in the form of written blogs and articles or videos. The topics of your content should be stuff that is relevant to your clients, not you! Company news is a terrible topic for blog posts. Content around price, common questions and project profiles will be best.
  5. Pretty design isn’t needed. I see many contractors who have beautiful websites that don’t convert any leads. They hire an amazing designer and then an SEO company. They get good traffic to the site and no leads. Having a clear message and CTA beats pretty design any day of the week (if you have both bonus).
  6. Google loves data. In order for Google to give your site some love in the search game you need to feed it data. Consistent content like I mentioned earlier will do this. This is sales. This is lead generation. Take the time to create relevant content consistently (once a week) and Google will love you back.

    contractor website tips
    These guys are content producing machines. Blogs, videos, project profile & client testimonials all make Premier Ponds the dominating force in their area.
  7. Talk about money. People searching want answers. They don’t want to fart around on websites that make it hard to find out what something costs. You can put pictures on the site with a price range in the caption. This is a great way to pre-qualify people too. Make things easy and they won’t hit the back button.

It pays to invest good money with a designer who understands what ‘conversion’ means. At the end of the day you want your phone to ring with the right leads. Hopefully you’ll apply these simple contractor website tips before you worry about spending a lot of money on SEO and other 3rd party lead generation sources.

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