The Mile High Profit Summit
When Inflation Skyrockets...and The Economy Dips Again, Only Profitable Contractors Will Survive

Strong Contractors don't just survive, they thrive, no matter what the economy does. Are you set up to withstand the upcoming "dip?"

September 22-24, 2021
Doubletree by Hilton Hotel
Denver, Colorado

It's Never Been A Better Time To Be A Contractor

Almost every contractor I talk with lately is busy, busy, busy.

Their phones are ringing off the hook and they literally can't keep up with the new leads that are rolling in.

The economy is on fire. Especially for contractors. Lumber prices are at an historic high and homeowners don't even care. They're buying new homes, additions, and decks despite what the lumber costs. They want it bad!

All of that means things are going great for contractors right now. 

But... Busy Doesn't Equal Profitable!

Unfortunately, being busy doesn't make you rich.

Many contractors mistake the activity they see around them as profitability. They think that just because the phone is ringing they can do no wrong. 

"We'll make it up on the next job" is a common refrain of the busy-broke contractor.

But what happens when things shift? When there is no "next job?"

The Downturn Is Coming

It doesn't matter how great things look today.

Eventually the party will come to an end and construction will take it on the chin just like it did back in 2008.

It could be caused by any number of things...

Uncontrollable inflation.

High unemployment.

Government taxes.

Government handouts.

Rising interest rates.

When the phone stops ringing, when customers get scarce, when credit is no longer available, the market will purge the weak from the strong.

Those who have been running from deposit check to deposit check will go away. They'll be forced to find a job working for someone who was running a truly profitable business.

Profit As A Mindset

My name is Tom Reber and before I founded The Contractor Fight, I owned a profitable painting business in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. I sold my business in 2012 and now I educate and coach contractors from all over the world to build strong businesses.

I believe that profit is a mindset. 

My team and I have coached thousands of contractors and we've discovered that it doesn't matter...

  • how long you've been in business
  • what your niche is
  • where you're located
  • how many employees you have
  • how big your jobs are
  • who you serve

If you don't focus on profit you'll never build the company you desire.

Profit is the key to your happiness and the success of your business.

Profit is also the key to your survival when Washington decides to fuck with your life.

Make the Choice to "Opt Out" of the Next Economic Storm
There are three things every contractor must have in place if they want to sail through hard times without a scratch -- a plan, a team to help execute the plan, and the confidence to step on the gas.
1 - Do You Have A Plan To Get Profitable Before The Market Dips?

Your profitability must become your all consuming focus if you want to thrive in the next economic downturn.

Hopefully, you have a step-by-step plan to ramp up your gross profit margin and squirrel away some of your net profits to weather the coming storm.

Certainly your competitors have thought about it. Some of them are building a war chest fund right now that they hope will put you out of business when the next recession hits.

As inflation begins to creep North, time may already be running out on your profit plan. 

2 - Is Your Current Plan Working?

Money rewards speed.

Those who move fast in business are rewarded with getting to the finish line first -- which usually means more money.

So even if you have a plan to fix your profit issues, is it working...or working fast enough?

Every year that you're not profitable is a year you could have been saving for retirement, or putting your kids through college.

Do you have the knowledge to put a kick-ass plan into play?

Do you have the will-power to see it through?

Do you have a team of #FWs (f'n winners) in your corner who support you?

3 - If You Are Profitable, Could You Be MORE Profitable?

Maybe profit isn't an issue for you.

But what if you haven't even begun to push the limits of profitability?

What if your idea of profit is less than what it could be?

Profit doesn't need to be a dirty word. Profit doesn't need to be limited by what you think is "normal" or "acceptable."

When the downturn comes you'll wish you had made and saved more money than you did. 

Do everything you can to take advantage of our current selling climate.

Step on the gas and...

Profit. Profit. Profit!

September 22-24, 2021
Doubletree by Hilton Hotel
Denver, Colorado
The Ultimate Event For Contractors In 2021

My team and I have put together the perfect event for contractors in 2021. We're gearing up to get your business more profitable than you've ever imagined.

Over three days you'll hear from industry-leading speakers and meet some of the best and brightest contractors in America.

Over a Dozen Profit Driven Sessions

Hear from leading experts in the contracting industry about sales, marketing, profit generating leadership, and more!

Numerous Networking Opportunities

Meet and learn from your fellow contractors from all over North America. Who better to learn from than other #FWs who are in the trenches just like you!

Hang With The Contractor Fight Team of Coaches

Meet the coaches and get answers to your most pressing profit questions.

Explore The Rocky Mountains

Come early or stay late to have your own mini-vacation in Colorado. Be sure to look for the half-price spouse ticket option on the checkout page.

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