September 14-16, 2022
The Westin Westminster
Westminster, Colorado
11:00 am -1:00 pm | Networking/Registration

1:00 pm | Sessions Begin

6:00 pm | Sessions End

7:00 - 9:00 pm | VIP Reception

6:30 - 7:15 am | Workout

7:30 - 9:00 am | Roundtables

9:00 am | Sessions Begin

6:00 pm | Sessions End

6:30 - 8:30 pm | Networking Party

6:30 - 7:00 am | Workout

7:30 -9:00 am | Roundtables

9:00 am | Sessions Begin

4:00 pm | Sessions End

Session Details
WEDNESDAY, September 14, 2022

11:00 am - 1:00 pm
Registration & Networking

Grab your swag bag and name badge while meeting your fellow attendees. You’ll also get a chance to talk with The Contractor Fight coaches.

The Stories We Tell Ourselves
Tom Reber, Founder The Contractor Fight

All successful businesses start and end with the owner. The stories you tell yourself will lead directly to your level of success. Discover the positive stories that lead to the life you want.

Living Someone Else’s Story
Derek Johnson, JVI Secret Garden

For years Derek lived the life laid out for him by others. Modeling the behavior he saw in his family and other contractors eventually led to having his lights shut off because he couldn’t pay his bills. But things changed when he found better mentors.

I Flipped The Script
The Contractor Fight Community

Hear from several of your peers who have made huge strides in their business in a very short time. Discover the simple changes they made that led to massive advancements in their life and business.

The Legacy You Leave Behind
Steve Shinholser, Founder Shin-Fu Sales Process

If your legacy is important to you, you’ll want to hear what Steve has to say. For years he thought his entrepreneurial journey was all about making as much money as possible. But somewhere along the way he discovered that it was so much deeper. Don’t wait until retirement to discover what you want to leave behind.
THURSDAY, September 15, 2022

Morning Movement
Chris Dwyer, Mindset Coach

Join Chris for an early morning routine of meditation and movement. Chris  shares practical tips you can use at your desk or in your vehicle to center yourself and make the most of each day.

The Unrequired Workout
Ben Newman, Performance Coach & Author

Ben hasn’t missed a single day of his Unrequired Workout in over 5 years. Being out of town is no excuse. See if you can hang with Ben as he grinds through his daily session of planking, burpees, and pushups. Remember, you’re 5,384 feet above sea level!

The Contractor Fight Coaches

Spend time with The Contractor Fight coaching team. Bring your burning questions and work through them with a coach. Or just hang out and listen to great conversations where you’re sure to find a nugget or two.

Don’t Let Them Out Love You
Tom Reber, Founder The Contractor Fight

It's easy to put the business and your clients first, but success starts at home. How can you show up for your family and friends in a way that energizes you? What does it really look like to put them first? Your business wins when you’re at your best.

How To Win The Paid Ads Game
Chans Weber, Digital Media Expert

You might have learned about The Contractor Fight through a Facebook Ad. If so, you have Chans and his team to thank. His company, Agile & Co, spends hundreds of thousands of dollars each month on Facebook ads. Discover what makes an ad a winner…or a dud.

Standard Over Feelings
Ben Newman, Performance Coach & Author

Motivation isn’t real. If you’re counting on “being motivated” to move your business forward, you’re in trouble. Maybe you’ve already discovered that motivation only lasts so long. You can’t sustain it. But you can sustain a standard. Ben shares his standard and how you develop one of your own.

So, You Think You Know How To Sell?
Dan Sherwood, Tim Cutroni & Greg Dempsey, Sales Coaches

Selling is not telling. Most contractors cringe at the thought of objections. They take it personally and immediately go into “telling” mode. But what if there was a better way to handle objections than getting defensive? Watch Dan, Tim, and Greg deflect anything thrown their way.

Impactful Meetings That Build Profits
Suhaiba Neill, Operations Manager John Neill Painting

Most company meetings are boring and unproductive. In fact, your employees probably HATE your meetings. So how do you turn them from lame to game on? Suhaiba shares how her meetings build culture, empower her team, and get real-world results, creating millions of dollars in sales.

Leading To Scale
Sunny Pinhero, Founder Pinhero Construction

At Pinhero Construction the primary culture revolves around people. It’s no accident. Sunny has spent years assembling and nurturing the best team he can afford. Discover what he’s learned and his SUPER SIMPLE philosophy that makes them stay and grow with his 8-figure organization.

Everything’s Easier When You Sell
Tom Reber, Founder The Contractor Fight

There’s more to sales than prequalification. Tom’s on a quest to give contractors the tools they need to become true sales professionals. Hear about his plan and how you can be a part of it.
FRIDAY, September 16, 2022

Morning Movement
Chris Dwyer, Mindset Coach

Join Chris for an early morning routine of meditation and movement. Chris  shares practical tips you can use at your desk or in your vehicle to center yourself and make the most of each day.

Trust, Change, and the Digital Consumer
Marcus Sheridan, Author & Founder River Pools And Spas

In 2008, Marcus got to work writing blogs to save his struggling pool company. Today the River Pools and Spas website has 75,000 visitors each month! Marcus knows first-hand how consumers are evolving. During his time on stage, he shares how you can become the voice of trust in your space if you’re willing to get uncomfortable.

Three Magic Phrases Every Contract Needs
Karalynn Cromeens, The Cromeens Law Firm

Sometimes the best offense is a solid defense. As a contract lawyer specializing in construction, Karalynn knows a thing or two about defense. She’s seen the worst of the worst and she knows how to prevent it. Discover some easily implementable concepts you can use in your contracts to protect your family from a business-ending lawsuit.

Leading The Fight
The Contractor Fight Community

We turn the spotlight on you, The Contractor Fight community, as we honor the best of the best. Meet the community members who have led the way as Tom presents awards to four very special members.

Instagram Step-By-Step
Matt Hiner, Founder Hiner Outdoor Living

Last year, Matt opened some eyes as he shared the success he’s having as an Instagram influencer. We’ve asked Matt back to break it down for you and give you the steps he took on his journey to success. Have your Instagram account set up and ready as Matt walks you through creating a like-worthy post.

Your Success Plan Takeaway
Neil Kristianson, Operations The Contractor Fight

One of the comments we heard over and over from last year’s event was how much you loved Neil’s takeaway and goal setting session. So we’ve brought it back! Neil walks you through what you’ve learned over three days and helps you put it into actionable form. You’ll hit the ground running when you get home. No excuses!
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