Micah Miller

Fight Coach

Career Experience – Micah Miller started landscaping around his neighborhood in 2003 whilehe was in high school. Over the years, the maintenance business transitioned into landscape construction and further niched down into a focus on patios and ponds. What started as a hobby with a push mower and a bicycle has grown to a multi-million dollar organization, completing over 200 projects each year.
Early success came from learning to communicate quickly and succinctly with clients. The success was further compounded by developing a team to create repeatable results and with a focus on removing the pain from the construction process.

“Don’t blame your circumstances for your failures.”

Personal Struggles –Early on in the growth of Easton Outdoors, Micah ran into cash flow troubles. Thinking the problem was slow payments on receivables, he took on debt to bridge the gap during the growth. Soon realizing, you can’t scale a turd, the poorly structured debt forced a hard lesson and the business had to be completely restructured.

Backed into a corner with multiple Warrant in Debt‘s taped to the door. Micah decided to divide the company, selling off the contracts and equipment of the landscape maintenance and the turf treatment divisions, keeping only the $400,000 a year enhancement division.

The first year restructuring had many challenges, summed up by the over $14,000 in bank and overdraft fees. As the debtors circled, Micah applied the lessons learned in TCF and rebuilt the company from the ground up, starting with a focus on job costing and marketing then moving to systems and processes.

What Qualifies Him To Be A Coach? –Micah brings a grassroots understanding of how to grow a business. Through years of challenges, mistakes, and wins; Micah has a high-definition understanding of the roadmap to success. He uses his knowledge for practical coaching and to help fellow contractors simply get out of their own way.

Personal Life –Micah, his wife, and four children live in a small Coastal Virginia town. He was born and raised 20 miles away in Williamsburg, Virginia, which he frequently points out, is the nation’s first capital.

Micah loves to spend time with his family, they enjoy riding bikes around town and traveling to the beach or mountains. As a foodie, he enjoys a great restaurant experience, but also enjoys firing up the smoker and sipping on bourbon.