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The Mile High Profit Summit Recordings

THE MOST POWERFUL Event We've Ever Had
In September 2021, three hundred twelve contractors gathered for a three day conference about profit.
They never expected this...

2021's MILE HIGH PROFIT SUMMIT was like no other contractor business event in history

It was more than "grow your bank account"

When you think of profit, you probably think about money. And that's cool.

But there's more.

Profit extends to ALL areas of your life -- your health, your relationships, your mental well-being, your self-worth -- all of it.

How can you build a truly profitable life?

Your business is a vehicle to build the life you want. 

But too many times we get it backward. We let the tail wag the dog and become a slave to the business.

At The Mile High Profit Summit we asked attendees to hold a mirror up to their life and ask "is this really what I want?" 

As you watch the recordings you'll discover that far too often the answer is NO. Sadly, most contractors have boxed themselves into a stressful situation.


Nineteen speakers over three days lit up the stage giving attendees a whole new perspective about their life and their business.

From mindset to practical tips on sales, accounting, systems, and more, The Mile High Profit Summit had it all.

My name is Tom Reber and before I founded The Contractor Fight, I owned a profitable painting business in the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. I sold my business in 2012 and now I educate and coach contractors from all over the world to build strong businesses.

I believe that profit is a mindset.

My team and I have coached thousands of contractors and we've discovered that it doesn't matter...

  • how long you've been in business
  • what your niche is
  • where you're located
  • how many employees you have
  • how big your jobs are
  • who you serve

If you don't focus on profit you'll never build the company you desire.

Profit is the key to your happiness and the success of your business.
Profit is also the key to your survival when Washington decides to fuck with your life.

Here's What Attendees Had To Say About The 2021 Mile High Profit Summit
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Founder of The Contractor Fight, HGTV Host, and Leadership Coach
Tom spoke several times throughout the event and had many surprises. We don't want to give away too much here but some of his topics included...
Why You MUST Focus on Profitability if You Want to Survive the Next Downturn
The Secret Power of Habits
The IMPACT Your Leadership Has on Your Team, Community, Family, and Profit
YOU Control Your Future - Understanding Your Role in Profit Creation
Winning the People Game - Leading From a Position of Strength
All the Inspiration, Motivation, and Rants You Expect From Tom
PLUS...If You Think You Know Tom, You Don't -- Get Ready to be Shocked
I Made a Choice to be Profitable

You've probably heard others talk about "making a choice to be profitable." And they make it sound so easy...but it doesn't work for you.

During this panel discussion, you'll hear from contractors who used to think just like you. But something changed. They'll let you in on how they were able to make the switch.

Profit is a Choice...But How?

Collectively, this group of contractors has paid off over $500,000 in debt, increased their take home pay by $300,000 per year, and they're enjoying running their companies.

Moderator Chris Livingston made sure you discover the practical steps they took to make these massive shifts in their mindset and business.

The Secret Profit Formula Your Numbers Are Trying to Tell You

Gina is the founder of Green Tree Bookkeeping where she has been Tom's bookkeeper for 19 years.

Over the years, she has seen thousands of sets of books from contractors. Each set of books tells a story but not every business owner is listening.

Your Balance Sheet Wants to Tell You Something...Are You Listening?

Gina shares with you the secret information hidden in your balance sheet that most business owners don't pay attention to.

If you're "profitable" but never have any money in the bank, Gina will help you understand why.

The First Steps to Higher Profits

Dan is the owner of Sherwood Painting in Marblehead, Massachusetts. 

Prior to finding The Contractor Fight, Dan was struggling to build a successful painting company. He didn't understand his numbers and was working far too hard. 

Dan Had an Ah-Ha Moment When He Took the Time to Understand His Numbers

Even if you know every number that The Contractor Fight teaches, you're going to learn something new here as Dan unveils a never before seen metric that can make you more profitable.

Control Freak: Shin-Fu Masters

Steve Shinholser, Derek Johnson, and Dan Sherwood reveal how they take control of the sales process. 

These three masters of the Shin-Fu Sales Process used to run around and do whatever the customer asked -- not anymore. Now they make PROFITABLE sales from the comfort of their office and they never drive out to a house unless they're SURE they're picking up a deposit check.

Profitability Happens When YOU Grab the Reins and Control the Customer

Even if you're pretty good at the Shin-Fu, moderator Neil Kristianson is going to make sure you walk away with something new. 

Between the three of them, Steve, Derek, and Dan have made MILLIONS of dollars in sales (Derek sold over $1 MILLION in June 2021 alone) using the Shin-Fu. There is sure to be a trick or two for you to pick up and put into practice.

Your Marketing is Where Profitability All Begins

Logan is the founder of The Contractor Growth Network. His team is responsible for hundreds of business-changing websites and marketing campaigns for contractors.

His marketing systems have created millions of dollars of sales for his clients. He's an expert at SMART marketing.

Does YOUR Marketing Attract Your PERFECT Client or Are You Giving Away Your Work to the WRONG Clients?

Logan shares with you what it takes to attract clients who see your value and WANT to work with you. It's not always about the cheapest click or the most traffic.

When you're connecting with the right client, it's so much easier to name your price and close the sale. Profit can't help but follow.

A Profitable Life

Serving as a Navy Seal for twelve and a half years, James developed a strategic outlook and the ability to operate under pressure, yet his experience also includes church ministry.

A dynamic storyteller, Jim regularly speaks at Fortune 500 companies including General Mills, John Deere, and Anheuser-Busch. He trains undergraduates in leadership, values, and the importance of serving the community around them.

Profit is About More Than Just the Bottom Line -- It's About LIFE

Making money is great but if you aren't living your purpose in all areas, you aren't living a truly profitable life. 

In this talk, you'll learn how everything you do in your business is directly tied back to your family life. You'll be challenged to live bigger and do more than you thought possible.

All in the Family: Secrets of Working With Your Spouse

So many contracting businesses are a family business. Working with your spouse can be tough when your family and business roles get confused and mixed.

During this discussion, moderator Tom Reber highlights practical steps you can take to work in harmony.

"We're Stronger Together" is Easier Said Than Done When I Work With Him/Her

Your spouse may be the perfect life partner but how can they also be the perfect work partner?

These successful contracting couples share their experience of working together and how they've managed to make a positive work/family environment when they hardly leave each others sight all day long.

And if you work with a non-family partner, you're going to learn some lessons here as well.

How To Build A Multi-Million Dollar Brand With Social Media

Nicole is the Relationship Manager for our $100k Contractor program and our Minister of Fun.

She's passionate about helping contractors get better. She's dedicated to getting contractors out of the chaos and home with their families. 

Instagram Is The New Yellow Pages

During her time, Nicole interviews two heavy hitting Instagram experts, Matt Hiner and Tom Reber, about how they've managed to build million dollar brands on social media.

Together they give you practical tips you can put in place right away to grow your following and your income.

Mastering Your People Process Leads to Profit

Suhaiba is the founder of The Full Circle Business where she helps contractors create profitable business processes. 

She is a systems specialist and the master of the checklist. With over 15 years of experience managing the “family business” – Philadelphia’s Premier Residential Painting Company – she truly knows what it takes to run a multi-million dollar business smoothly and successfully (hint – it requires structure and systems).

To Truly Scale, You Need Systems That Bake Profitability Right Into the Plan

In this session, discover three solid systems you can take home and put into practice immediately. 

Suhaiba shares how she uses them every day in her painting business and how they've made her a better, more profitable leader.

Chasing Wealth is a Dead End

Steve has built and sold two massively successful contracting companies, yet he's found that money it's not always about the money.

Fast Approaching Retirement, Steve Shares His Struggles With Finding His Ultimate Purpose

In this heart-pounding discussion, Chris Dwyer interviews Steve about his journey and where he goes from here. A refreshing look at the power of money and the greatest human needs.

SuperHuman You

As a kid, Dave was overweight and had a terrible stutter. Retreating into a world of fantasy and comic books, he dreamed of becoming SuperHuman. Now, as a motivational speaker, he uses SuperHuman feats of strength to share his message with his audience.

Dave combines incredible feats of strength and a powerful message, creating a presentation unlike ANYTHING you've ever seen before.

Finding the Strength to Battle Through the Emotional Ups and Downs of Leadership

The mom who lifts a car off their child, the fireman who carries a person from a burning building, the dad battling cancer - we all have inner strength we can call on. But how?

Dave will inspire you to leave your limitations behind and become the SUPERHUMAN version of yourself.

The Contractor Fight Awards

It's time to celebrate your achievements and all the hard work you've put in over the past year.

These #FWs are Bringing Respect & Dignity Back to the Trades

We're honoring the best The Contractor Fight has to offer. We take time to highlight attendees who have impacted their lives and the lives of their team/family in the last year.

Discover what it took for them to make these big moves and how you can do it too.

BONUS:  What Are You Going to do About It?

In 2013, Neil sold his remodeling company and started a new adventure. Today he works with small business owners all over the world to build automated systems that power their business.

He's also the guy behind the scenes at The Contractor Fight.

Information is Useless if You Don't Use It

We all love to attend live events and fill ourselves with inspiration and motivation. Then we come home and promptly forget everything we learned. We get back in the day-to-day grind and never change a thing about our businesses.

During this hands-on session, Neil helps you get clear about what you learned over the previous three days and helps you develop a unique plan to put into action when you get home.


Your Emcee

Chris is the sales manager for The Contractor Growth Network.

A former Army Ranger, his infectious energy and positive spirit make him the perfect master of ceremonies to lead you through this jam-packed three day event.

Chris is on a Mission to Get Contractors Back Home With Their Families
Morning Movement & Breath - Thursday & Friday

Chris, aka Yoda, is the mindset coach in the $100k Contractor program and a yoga instructor for over ten years. He's been keeping Tom's mind straight for years and has helped dozens of contractors and business owners master their mindset. 

America is Under So Much Stress, We No Longer Know How to Breathe

Profitability starts with a healthy you. If you're stressed, run down, and unhealthy, it becomes impossible to run a profitable business and maintain a profit filled life.

During two sessions, Chris lead attendees through a morning movement and breath routine that got them ready for the day. He also taught some breathing exercises you can do in your office chair, in the truck, or any time you're feeling tense. 

More Positive Comments From Attendees...
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They had so much to say!!
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