You Are the Key to Getting the Marketing Help Your Business Needs

Marketing Help for Your Business

Imagine this:  You’re a Painting Contractor and you knock on the door of a potential client for a big interior repaint.  This job, when sold, will bring about $8,000 into your small business. The potential client invites you in and you ask, “How’d you hear about my company?”

He says, “A few months ago I was taking off wall paper in my bedroom. It was a pain in the butt, so I went to Google and looked for some tips. I found some articles on your website and tried what you said and it worked great!”

He goes on to say, “Several months later I needed to fix some drywall and again typed something about it into Google. Another article you wrote popped up and I got the help I needed. Then about three weeks later we decided to paint the whole house.   knew it was too big a job for me, so I called you. I figured you showed up every time I had a question so you must be the guy to call.”

The above scenario is an exact description of a conversation I had on an estimate five years ago. The ‘articles’ he found online were actually two of the many blogs we had produced on our website. This is exactly how Content Marketing should work.

Client has a need…they ask Uncle Google for help…they find your advice and get help

They have another need…they ask their All-Knowing Uncle again…and, once again they get their need met by YOU.

Then, when it’s time to pay someone for another need they have…they pay YOU.

Not long ago, I gave two short seminars on the power of Content Marketing. I taught a few things I’ve learned about finding your ideal clients through committing to being an educator first, then a sales person. I shared the what, why, who and how of implementing a Content Marketing Strategy.

I also learned (or re-learned) some things. I was glad to add some value to the attendees, but I feel as though I walked away more equipped than ever to help more and business owners with their marketing.

Here’s what I got:

I was refreshed to see so many small business owner’s taking the time to get better. 

Far too many small business owners pick the phone up and call some marketing rep and say  “Let’s do some marketing,” instead of taking the time to determine who their perfect customer is and then creating a strategy that will meet their needs. Kudos to those small business owners who are digging deeper!

I was reminded of how Content Marketing can build momentum so quickly.

Sure, I’ve seen over and over how putting out quality content on a consistent basis can build traffic, leads and sales for your business. But, the momentum I’m referring to now is the energy and ideas that are put out in such a short period of time when you get people talking about content creation. In my first session today, we started brainstorming some content for a contractor in attendance. My goal was to show the the group how easy it can be to generate enough topics of value for your ideal clients. The attendees today were energized and engaged and excited to say “What if you…”

It confirmed for me how ‘You,’ ‘Me,’ or ‘We’ are the key to having any marketing success.

You are the key to marketing your business. I am the key to mine. When we really ‘get’ this thing about being a great teacher in our industry, we then start to see a vision of where it can go if we focus.  Nobody in your organization can or will drive the vision of telling your story like will. You are the key to leads and sales. As you go…the company goes. We had a couple attendees today walk away committed to becoming the trusted resource in their industries by adopting and implementing a solid content marketing strategy.

I urge you to take control of your brand. Take control of understanding your ideal client. Take control over measuring what needs to be measured. Take control of telling your story! Don’t wait for things to happen. Instead, start your content journey today!

PS-Make sure you’re telling the right stories..

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