How to Use Your Employees to Market Your Business

Dollarphotoclub_99790359-sizedEverything you do is marketing.

Everyone you employ is telling a story.

Here’s how ‘marketing’ works. There are many ways to get here, but this is essentially the gist:

Client has a need. Client ends up checking out a company. Client is either won over or driven away by the story they’re being told.

That’s it. Everything else is fluff. Marketing is all about being trusted. Clients are risking their money, safety, reputation, etc…in the hope that you will come through for them.

How can you make sure you are always trusted to deliver?

The one way I’ll talk about quickly today is your employees. Your employees are the frontline. Often, the first impression. Or the last.  Before I talk about your employees, let’s recap what I have written extensively about how companies need to put in the work understand what their ideal client looks like so that they can help the right people and not waste marketing money.

Here’s the bullet point version of what your ideal client should look like:

-They need/want what you do

-They see and appreciate the value you bring

-They find the money for that value

-They are a joy to work with

All businesses would do better if they understood this. Here’s more on the stories businesses tell.

But, what about making sure we also put the work into making sure we have ideal employees?

I have some criteria for making sure that any employee I hire fits, so that I tell the right story to my clients.

Tom’s Ideal Employee

-They see their need for personal development. They have a desire to improve themselves first.

-They are positive. When asked “How are you doing?” they respond “Great!”

-They are servants at heart. They see needs because they’re paying attention.

-They have the basic skills for the job…and are teachable. This will lead to them becoming great at what they do.

What kind of ‘story’ would you be telling if all of your people had this attitude? Wouldn’t you want to spend your hard-earned shekles at a place that employed people like that?

 Make sure you’re picky when it comes to building your team. Everyone you bring on adds to the ‘story.’

Your turn! I’d love to hear from you.

What does your ideal employee look like?