What Makes a Strong Business?

In a few hours I will be speaking to a group of small business owners about what makes a strong business.

Strength is a topic I talk about frequently and I’m really looking forward to helping them see things a little differently today.

In the physical strength area there are two things that will make or break your strength:

  1. Your abs (Core)
  2. Your grip

Without a strong core, your body will never reach its full potential. The core is your power center, where all of your strength originates. Your grip strength is important for many reasons, such as being able to lift more weight, having more endurance and helping to increase confidence.

We’ll touch more on the core and grip a little later.

What Makes a Strong Business?

I have listed a few things below that I believe are benchmarks of a strong company. Keep in mind that I am talking about small businesses, not massive corporations-even though some will apply.

A Strong Business is…

  • Rooted in a deeper reason for existence. It has a strong ‘why’ driving it instead of just the typical ‘let’s make money’ attitude.
  • Full of new business opportunities or leads. In a strong business, the phone rings. Clients are coming to you in a consistent manner.
  • Debt free. Would you rather climb a mountain with 200lbs on your back or 25lbs tagging along? Debt weakens the company and makes everything harder. Being debt free fixes a lot of things.
  • Meeting the needs of the owner-emotionally, physically, mentally and creatively. A strong business will energize and inspire you instead of just sucking the life from you.
  • Known for its culture. Strong and able people will want to work for strong businesses. This builds morale and improves the overall culture. Want a strong business? Then, hire strong people.
  • FAT with cash! Strong businesses have money because they know their math, charge enough and aren’t being suffocated by debt.

The Core Connection

Just as the core is the power center in the body, your why is the power center of your business. The truly strong businesses have a deep reason for existing. Here’s my reason as an example. 

Don’t blow off taking the time to understand why you’re doing this. Building a company is hard work. Give yourself the best chance by developing your core.

3 Simple Ways to a Stronger Core

  1. Know your values & set goals that align with them.
  2. Be clear on who you really want to serve & the exact pain you help them with.
  3. Have a solid what..you can’t do it all. Know your boundaries.

Get a Grip

Grip strength makes other things easier to lift and for longer periods of time. Grip is all about holding on.

Building your strong business will also depend on how long you can hold on. Things will get heavy at times. Will you be able to hold on long enough or will you tire early in the game? For those who hold on…it will be worth it.

3 Ways to Develop a Stronger Grip in Your Business

  1. Make picking up heavy things a habit. The more you do the stronger your ability to hold on gets.
  2. Eliminate power leaks. Look for things that are distracting you from giving your grip the attention it deserves. Bad employees, the wrong clients, not protecting your time…these are all power leaks that weaken your ability to hold on.
  3. Hold on for 1 more minute. When you’re tired and ready to drop it all, find a way to talk yourself into 1 more minute..hour…or day. Break things up into small bites and your strength will increase.

Embrace Resistance

Building a strong business is an intentional endeavor. It will not happen by accident. Define what a strong business is to you and then look for the heavy things…the resistance. Pick it up. Go to to toe and learn to be stronger. Train yourself to be strong.

Got other ideas of what makes a business strong? What would you add to the list?

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